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Take Our Jobs is a Mexican backed program to take Jubs from Real Americans. It is an insidious propaganda tool to brainwash Real Americans that we dont really want their back-breaking jobs in triple-digit temperatures that pay minimum wage, with no benefits Jubs.

Marxist Socialist LeaderEdit

A Day Without a Mexican Trailer

A Day Without a Mexican Trailer

Finally, we got rid of those Mexicans!

Cesar Chavez was the Leader of Lets Steal Those Gringos Jubs movement, the new leader is now Arturo Rodriguez


Georgia is the first State to successfully become 100% Mexican free and nothing bad has happened. See, who needs Mexicans anyway?

Mexican-loving liberals disagree with the success of the program:

The economics of food production---what we pay for food and what we pay those who make it available to us---are unsustainable and dependent on the existence of a desperate, poverty-stricken underclass. The work sucks, and the pay sucks, and at the same time good quality fresh produce is prohibitively expensive to a whole fucking lot of people.
Food is one of those things that absolutely has to be available to everyone---there needs to be enough of it and it needs to be at prices everyone can afford---and at the same time it's expensive and labor-intensive to produce. So there is demand for low prices and that's created a requirement that production costs get kept down---we've "solved" the problem by means of a stable, long-term humanitarian crisis.
And now, because the business interests are extra greedy and have gone in for making their workers all the more vulnerable to oppression by demonizing and extra-criminalizing them, they've just dug too far and undermined themselves and their system is collapsing.

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