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Add to Provinces: Ontario

National Anthem: The Canadian national anthem is "Oh Canada!" Canadians will tell you that this is a exhilatory phrase meant to express a great, orgasmic if you will, love for Canada. Only a truly inteigant person could love a frozen chunk of land so much. This is additional evidence of the Canadian compassion for the Polar Bear. Rather, "Oh Canada!" is closer to "Oh... Canada?" as if you had just caught Canada helping the bears in the Bear uprising of 2012. You need to get the right amount of shocked betrayal in your voice. The song is also a great lie, with one line being, "The North, true, strong and free..." The Canadian government is a monarchy, and therefore the people are not free. They also use the word "thee" too much in the song, and there are no bombs or rockets, as in a proper anthem. "Oh Canada" was written by French-Canadians, so must be suspect as they closely resemble bears and have learned to live among them.

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Add more frenchie facts, please. Very few Canadians actually say "eh?" at the end of their sentences. Put something up about Tim Hortons, Lacrosse, Duct Tape, and/or "Soda" being Pop, if you can and/or will.

Facts? Huh?

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It's is rumored that Canada tolerates the use of Marijuana. This is simply the truth, Marijuana is frequently smuggled by canoe into America across Lake osoyoos. The success of this drug trafficking is only because US surveillance technology is far too sophisticated, superior, and generally neato to bother tracking canoes. Their success is compounded Canadians are expert canoeist and are born with a genetic defect which leaves them immune to American idiots. Unnamed sources at the White House confirm that President Bush is allowing limited stem cell research to remove these abilities from the Canadian genetic code.

Spy/Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, former Canadian citizen, is rumored by untold sources that she was sent by Canada to influence the state's drug policy, since the liberalish state does not have the iron will possessed by the incorruptible federal government to stop drug trafficking. She was brought to power by a fixed election in 2002, and reelected in 2006. The 2006 election was not rigged, as her opponent was an Amway salesman.

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