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is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.

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Taxachusetts has earned

The Commonwealth (I repeat, COMMONWEALTH!) of Massachusetts aka New England's Pimp
State Flower: Something gay(Stephen's wife's favorite flower)
Official Language: Pahshle gay, pahshle drunk, all retahded
State Bird: The Limp-Wristed Kennedy
State Fish: The Kopechne
State Motto: Let's All Get Gay-Married, and hurt The Baby Jesus' Feelings!
Nickname: Massachusetts,
New England's Crooked Penis,
Gaysrael, Abortiachusetts, Amaerica's mouth
Governor: Democrat
State Anthem: "YMCA"
Population: As Many Married Gays That Can Fit, probably less, but I don't want to think about it...
Largest City: Boston.
Gayest City: Provincetown.
Principal imports: Gays, Lesbionics (mostly from Kansas)
Principal exports: Gay Marriage, Dancing Congressmen, Inferior Late Night Show hosts, Kennedy's
Principal industries: Gay Marriage, hurting The Baby Jesus
Fun Fact # 1: Hates America
Fun Fact # 2: Hates America's Freedoms
Fun Fact # 3: Likes p***ing off Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.
Fun Fact # 4: The State House in Boston was moved to Trenton on October 12, 2006.

Despite the pilgrims landing in Taxachusetts in 1620, it became one of the gayest states in America. Like the pilgrims, Americans have been resisting Taxachusetts' gayness/taxness ever since.

Fun Fact #5: The People of Taxachusetts are not gay, but it seems that way because of the Democrats.

Massachusetts is one of America's original 13 colonies and was very patriotic until unions allowed liberals to immigrate there and its name was changed to Taxachusetts. People who live there are called massholes.

Massachusetts is on New York's side against California.

History Edit

The first pilgrims landed in Taxachusetts in 1620. They were not fabulous, they were not "workin' it" they were just hard working Americans seeking religious freedom and freedom from taxes. And they worked hard to make their new home as gay-free as it was tax-free.

The Colonial Era Edit

Taxachusans invented the "bitch-in" which was the precursor to talk radio. The "bitch-in" was started when Reverend Harry Goodechilde, the first town crier of Boston, began to include gossip and advertisements in his daily stroll through town. Many citizens complained to the mayor about the good Reverend's antics: he made alot of the stuff up, used people's real names, and his ads were for his own products, "Cedar Toys for Adultes" and "God's Natural Assistance for Manliness". A town meeting was held, and in response, the goode people of Boston hanged 15 people for witchcraft and restricted Reverend Goodechilde's gossip and advertisements to a wagon down by the river.

Reverend Goodechilde was able to use the wagon down by the river as a way to create his own personal news "outlet" that proved to be more popular than the official news agency of the town: the town crier. The man who replaced Reverend Goodechilde as town crier, Captain Johnathon Quierry, tried desperately to be heard over the information eminating from "Reverend Goodechilde's Information Emporium" as it was soon called by all Bostonians except Captain Quierry, who dubbed them, "bitch-ins". The name stuck and bitches from around the colonies and from across the Atlantic came to bitch or be bitched at much to Captain Quierry's chagrin.

Fast-forward to Modern Times Edit

New England has always been a problem for America and Taxachusetts was no exception.


Witches were put on trial in Salem Village in the 1600s and were executed by the state for their Liberalism. This is contary to the state's present policy which allows witches to marry and raise families in defiance of God and his humble servant Dr. Colbert.

One of the most famous witches was that of Hilary Clinton. On the night of August 13, 1632 she was burned at the stake for her witchy ways. Rumor has it that one year later she raised from the grave and cursed all those who condemned her, and one day she would have her revenge. Some say that to this day her cackled laugh can be heard screeching through television sets across this fine nation.

21st CenturyEdit

Finally, proof that Taxachusans cannot do anything without a socialst government bureaucracy: they cannot even dig a hole without paperwork and lawyers. And because there are no holes to throw their gay sinners into, they now populate the state. Taxachusetts has since become a haven for evils such as equal rights and scientific advancement. Pansies.

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