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Despite what you may have heard
Tea Bagging
Is totally not gay!
Despite what you may have heard
Tea Bagging
Is totally not racist!
Hey Ma!
Pack your banjo and chewin' t'backer, we fixin' to enjoy us some
Tea Bagging
Tea bag party

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The father of tea bagging and honorary Mayor of Lutherville, MD

Hedwig and the Angry Inch- Sugar Daddy

Hedwig and the Angry Inch- Sugar Daddy

Singer/songwriter Hedwig simulates one form of teabagging.


Tea Bagging Central

Teabag (form of protest)

  1. to slap your testes on the the forehead of a non se pro
  2. to flaunt one's exposed tea bags in the face of one's oppressor
  3. a sign of ownership in Halo by crouching on the face of a player you have killed

Origin: American filmmaker John Waters (link is NSFW)

Tea Bagging History: How All StartedEdit

Thom Hartmann Must see! The TRUE story of the Tea Party

Thom Hartmann Must see! The TRUE story of the Tea Party

The Fake Tea Party: They hated corporations

Prior to the United States elections of 2010, groups of people all across this great, God Fearing country spontaneously (that is without an ideological and financial push from the entrenched powers that be in the Godly Republican party) gathered together in homes, businesses and Asian massage parlors, united by one fundamental motivating factor: Outrage over the fact that a nigger muslim communist could have been elected president with the intention of helping as many of the less fortunate citizens of the United States as possible spreading his evil, Kenyan-Socialist agenda. This report details the history of Tea Bagging, the racism, the sekret orgies, the and how awesome it is! But only Real Americans can read it. If you are not a Real American don't read it, it is not for your eyes.

Soon we will restore the purity of the Constitution as it was meant to be.


Thanks to slaves volunteers, the Tea Bagging movement would have not been possible, keep up the good work.

Global CharterEdit

Tea Bagging AgendaEdit

The Big Six are at the top of our agenda, the rest are known as mini-bags.

SaintPetersblog Marg Baker says immigrants should be sent to 1940s style "camps'

a Fat Camp for Brown People!

Tea Bagging Wars:Edit

America, we are at war, and our enemies are many!

Not RacistEdit


Sarah Palin's black friend

The Tea Party is not racist! They never have and never will, plus we have a black friend!

Any articles providing evidence of racism within the Tea Party is nothing but a smear campaign. And being racist against mooslims is not racism, that's patriotism!

Tea Baggers are not racists, they are vulgarians. (I dont know what vulgarian means, but I bet is good).

Joos are not welcomed to the Tea Party, not because they are joowish but because they killeth Jesus and they never apologized.

To demonstrate that the Tea Party is not racist they have produced a music video for the kids, look it even has black people and big butts!

The Tea Bag Army:Edit

Tea Party Express derails GOP candidates; Obama next?

Tea Party Express derails GOP candidates; Obama next?

We are going to Tea Bag like is 2001!

Just like the Kiss Army, only more weaponized and with less facial make up... most of the time.

We even have WWII style propaganda posters!

Join Now! Membership is free!

Join now and you too can make $50,000 a year from the comforts of your home!!!


And Remember Folks, once you join in you cant never leave... EVER

List of RecruitsEdit

Official Tube party logo


The Teabagging Final solutionEdit

Training Tea Party Activists In Guerilla Internet Tactics - BUSTED!

Training Tea Party Activists In Guerilla Internet Tactics - BUSTED!

Tea Baggers ready to storm 4Chan,
what could go wrong?

the teabaggers have come up with a plan to fix all americas problems once they take america back from the mooslim libural socialists. its purpose is to make sure every american will be wight republican christian and patriotic. before they put the plan into action they instate laws directly from the constitution stated below.

  • mooslims must wear a brown bomb shaped patch on their shirts.
  • liburals must wear a blue donkey shaped patch on their shirts.
  • mexicans must wear a sombrero shaped patch on their shirts and may only speak english.
  • socialist must wear a red star shaped patch on their shirts.
  • people who are not american must wear a black circle or something on their shirts
  • gays mus wear a pink rainbow shaped patch on their shirts.

the groups listed above are not allowed to do stuff such as vote or voice their beliefs. people can beat them up without getting in trouble. after a few months the teabagger goverment will give all the money they do not have got from a non-tax source they will figure out later to their business freinds. then they will figure out how to pay for an army to invade mexico and make it american. after invading mexico they will put all of the groups mentioned above in death camps truthynessification camps.

Tea Baggers Calling for an End to All Violence... Against Tea Baggers or Else:Edit

Tea Baggers understand that if un-american traitors down tone down their vitriol they will get a visit from a Real Patriot.

Tea Bagging TV (TBTV)Edit

a TV Channel exclusive to transmit only Tea Bagging programs for Tea Bagging issues.

Yes, we are getting our own reality tv show!!!

Tea Bags of TubesEdit


Tea Party steals borrows Anonymous/4chan's slogan

The Tea Bagging Party is now joining the 20th Century 21th Century by exploring the marvelous series of tubes so they can spread their message of fiscal responsibility, the dangers of socialism, and how Obama is actually a mooslim Hitler



Our Faceteabaggingbook



ahem... I mean, The Tea Party thanks 4chan for showing them their error and they are correcting this honest mistake. It wont happen again! The Tea Bag Party sincerely apologizes for their transgression...

Currently our Faceteabaggingbook is currently down for maintenance... we need to clean our content with acid, fire, and iron brushes to clean up... the mess... Then quarantine the site, lets say for a couple of centuries, until the rest of the toxic hazard dies out...

Oregon-tea-party4chan thanks

The Tea Party officially endorses /b/! Free Lolis for everyone!

The Future of Teabagging TubesEdit


This lady just asking for it...

Under our settlement with 4chan, any Tea Bagging Patriot seen on sight using 4chan's trademark slogan shall be:

  • Tea Bagged to Death (Just like stoning, but instead we use Tea Bags. Strangely enough, it seems to be a very popular form of punishment. All of our volunteers are very eager men)
  • Be dealt by 4chan and left at the mercy of their inhumane merciless methods of punishment (Trust me, being Tea Bagged to Death is actually the better choice)

Tea Bagging ComicsEdit

Tea Bagging: For Kids!Edit

Tea Bag Society for Puppies (Tea Bagging Puppies)Edit

Turn off the Hate. Get out the Vote

Turn off the Hate. Get out the Vote.

Remember liberals, dont vote.
It just makes it easy for us to take over.

The Tea Bag Society for Puppies is a Real American group that wants to wipe out the Humane Society, a well known hippie commie libural bestiality lover group that is undermining the free market pet business by outlawing Free Market practices that support Puppy Millers (or bootstrap nurturing programs like "less water, less food, smaller space, makes a puppy free").

The Humane Society libural policies are well known for harming local businesses by supporting unnecessary regulations that are suffocating and overly cuddling our puppies that are demanding more freedom and less regulations. Thus creating a new generation of lazy puppies that have never learned the wonders of bootstraps.

Real American Puppy Millers:Edit

Puppy Millers are Real American puppies, they are tough, they are strong, and they take no sh#t from no one, not even from their owner. Just like Real Americans!

Puppy Mills grow on deplorable conditions so they can become strong and tough, they receive no Veterinary Care because free Health Care is a Socialist Doctrine (if these puppies want to see a veterinary they better get health insurance next time)[2].

These Puppy Mills have been trained to eat less, drink less, and want less from their master so they wont become too dependent on their masters or the Government. These puppies are the perfect gift to our children so they can emulate their rugged individualism and come to learn the values of self-sufficiency, plus they are cheap.

Elitist Puppy Breeders:Edit

Elite Hippie breeders are elitists that dont like competition, to make sure they have a monopoly on the breeding market of puppies they support communist policies that is making it difficult for Real Americans like Joe The Plumber from becoming Joe The Puppy Breeder. How is he to be able to start his own puppy business if he cant breed and grow puppies on the cheap?

These Elite Breeders are suspected of breeding high class terror puppies that lack that rugged individualism that comes from growing up in a sheltered environment. These puppies will try to pass on their hippie dogma to our children thus creating a new generation of gay hippies that will support libural agendas. Once they accomplish their mission they will soon try to take over America.

The Tea Bagging Animal Welfare Policy:Edit

  • Animals dont have rights, they are not black or slaves. Only black people or uppity black folks need rights.
  • Hunting is a free market practice that encourages animals to buy bootstraps so they can run faster.

The Humane Society Animal Rights Policy:Edit

  • They want to give rights to animals so they can become our equals thus leading to the slippery slope of slavery and ownership!
  • They hate the American past time known as "hunting", also they are depraving animals the needed edjukashun of "survival of the fittest", otherwise animals would become lazy and soft without the threat of hunting.

TrashCare: The New Socialized GarbageEdit

Flag quote open clear2
Recycling is Socialism
Flag quote close clear2
~ The Tea Party

The Redistribution of Garbage:


This is an emergency news to the residents of Fountain Hill, Arizona. We have reports that the Mooslim Administration is launching a sekret program to socialize our garbage! That's right, America's trash is in danger of falling on the hands of communists! Real Americans are hoarders and we are not going to share our trash with hippies!

This is how it happened: A community council, elected by the citizens, held a bunch of hearings or otherwise got a lot of input from its citizens regarding trash collection and the mounting pile of garbage on their streets. The council did a study, analyzed the complaints, and then they let out competitive bids for a task that is vital to the community, included a provision to recycle - a responsible thing to do - and Tea Baggers are pissed because they did not see this one coming! This is not what they asked for! They asked them to solve the Garbage Crisis by implementing free market solutions and instead they are going to socialize our garbage by implementing recycling mandates! Where is the freedom on that?!

The Communist hippies are trying to spread the insidious pagan practice of recycling and saving the Earth by stifling individual rights to consume, pollute, and waste for freedom! Such communist programs are a threat to the free market! Everyone knows that recycling takes away from jobs and reduces waste production thus hurting America's profits. Everyone knows that waste is America's main product.

Americans are constantly buying unnecessary garbage every second that supports our consumerist economy. The reduction of wasteful buying could topple our free market and we cannot allow that. The hippies are sending a message to capitalist Americans by supporting Socialized Garbage: "Stop wasting by buying more stuff and start recycling"

Flag commie quote open
The recycling bin of liberty must be emptied from time to time...
Flag commie quote close
~ Tree-hugging Hippies

Arizona Tea Baggers are against the new government program that bars free-market solutions to solve Fountain Hill's garbage crisis. The communist government will reward socialist trash collectors to steal our garbage under the cover of the night; even worst, we suspect that Obama's terror troops are studying our garbage to collect intelligence on us for the day he decides to take over Fountain Hill.

In order to preserve our free market and our personal values we must gladly accept higher prices for services, higher local taxes, and decreased our property values by turning them into dumping fields. Only then we can safely breath the air of freedom.

Flag quote open clear2
Capitalism could create a situation where companies fight for the honor to haul away and dispose of your least wanted stuff:
your family's garbage and waste
Flag quote close clear2
~ C4L, Arizona's Tea Bagging Party

Government Monopoly on Garbage:

The communist government has decided to reward their garbage contract to only a few trash collectors, thus reducing the residents' option of having a free market garbage collector to collect their trash for a higher price. All garbage from now on will be collected by government approved agents thus taking away the individuals right of choosing a more expensive alternative. That goes against Free market principles!

According with Tea Bagging analysts the reduction of garbage collection competition will hurt the local economy as well as the trickle down economics: "The reduction of multiple garbage trucks will reduce road maintenance, cause less pollution and increase air quality, and reduce fuel consumption. The rigorous and constant pick up schedules would reduce garbage piling which will affect the city's rat infestation. This will hurt the construction industry, our health care industry, the big oil industry, and our pest control industry! This is clearly a communist conspiracy to turn us hippies!"

Flag quote open clear2
Illegal Mexicans want to steal our trash
Flag quote close clear2
~ a concerned Trash Bagger citizen

A Recycling Center in Every Landfill:

These Socialized Trash Collection Centers are known for employing secret Al Qaida members who are plotting to overthrow the government by sorting the garbage between plastic #1 and plastic #5. If the program is successful, the mooslim tyrant will scale it Nationwide to assimilate all of our garbage, turning us into a nation of Hippies! (Obama has not yet appointed a Garbage Czar, so it is not too late for us).

I think is time for us to eliminate the Sanitation Department and let the free market solve our garbage crisis.

Flag quote open clear2
Keep Government off my trash!
Flag quote close clear2
~ Tea Bagger

Socialized Garbage Mandate:

  • Mandatory recycling
  • Mandatory separation of paper, plastic, aluminum, and others.
  • Mandatory Separate bins for recyclables and non-recyclables.
  • Mandatory trash collection for everyone (no exceptions!)
  • Support experimental practices for trash Handling like Composting (which we have no study!)

Big Government After Our Dirty Water and CancerEdit

Flag quote open clear2
Freedom is not having to pay for other peoples clean water
Flag quote close clear2
~ Tea Bagging

Once again the hippies are trying to undermine America's way of polluting ourselves to death. It is our right to pollute and drink our water, for it is taste like freedom and cancer! It is time for the EPA to stop their hippie ways.

Clean water is not a right but a privilege. And Cancer is a badge of honor that demonstrates the progress of our industrial Nation.

Liberal Slander Against The Tea PartyEdit

Al Reynolds, tea party Republican "minority men find it more lucrative to be able to do drugs"

Al Reynolds, tea party Republican "minority men find it more lucrative to be able to do drugs"

He is not racist.
He just wants black people
to stop from committing crimes.
  • Falsely claiming that Tea Bagging/Tea Bag/Tea Bagger is a sexual innuendo or something. They chose it because it reminds them of ballz and courage.
  • Declaring we have low turnout rallies. False! Many of our brave Tea Baggers like to protest at the comfort of their home in the Series of Tubes.
  • Falsely claiming that we are editing our rally videos to disclaim our low turnout. Again, false. We just clone our supporters, that's right. The Tea Bagging Party has cloning technology!
  • Handing the NY-23 seat to the Democrats for the first time in 150 years. And what is wrong with that? It could be part of our strategic plan!
  • Declaring that a Tea Bagger Spitted on a black congressman. Ok, that one is true. But on their defense Tea Baggers spit ALL Congressmen, that's called freedom of speech!
  • Claiming that we Dropped the N-bomb at a black congressmen. False! The Tea Party doesnt use bombs! We are not terrorists or brown people!
  • The libural media showing the parade of idiotic and racist signs. Everybody knows those were planted by democrat plants!
  • Claiming we are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against Harry Reid. Again, part of our grand strategy for 2010 and 2012.
  • Quite possibly losing Kentucky. How many times do I have to repeat myself? It is part of our grand plan! Dont you get it you stoopid liburals?!
  • Forcing the few sane GOP candidates left to spend WAY more in normally slam-dunk primaries, with the GOP especially cash-strapped. IT CREATES JUBS! WHY IS IT SO WRONG TO SPEND MONEY TO STIMULATE THE ECONOMY?!

Tea Bagging: International House of Tea LeavesEdit

We have gone international!

Tea Bagging: The 2010 RekoningEdit

Off the Tea Party Grid

Off the Tea Party Grid

Surviving Washington, DC.

Once our brothers and sisters in the Tea Bagging movement takes over Congress, we can expect a wonderful future for America.


We have done it Nation! Our victory in Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, Florida, and Kentucky has demonstrated our enemies that the Tea Party is a danger to not be taken lightly. This victory will allow us to stop Obama's insidious plan to turning the White House through 180 degrees until it pointed directly at Mecca. This is America, and we wont allow that.

This is a new era of Tea Bagging-Republican alliance.

Victory is Ours!

Michele Bachmann: Queen of Tea BaggersEdit

Today we are announcing that Michele Bachmann will receive the chairmanship to control the Republican Party, thus solidifying the Tea Party control of the GOP! Congratulations, your Tea Bagging Majesty!

I am sad to announced that while Mrs. Bachmann is qualified to receive the chairmanship, she lacks a fundamental quality to qualify for the control of the House: sanity balls.

Tea Bagging for KidsEdit

Tea Baggers are trying to introduce a new bill that would allow bootstraps educational programs for children, it is time for this tricycle welfare queens to earn their bread.

Lil' Tea Bagging Force Labor Summer Fun CampEdit

Mom and Dad, it is that of the year where we must teach our children the value of the dollar. Lil' Tea Bagging Summer Fun Camp will teach your children how to pull their own bootstrapsw without being dependent to no one, not even you! We will teach such valuable activities like:

  • Making wallets to sell in Taiwan to fund the Tea Party treasury
  • Hunt for food so we can sell it for additional profits for the Tea Party
  • Build a shelter to rent to our rich tourists and visitors (and our staff, we need to sleep)
  • Construct a recreational facility for our staff members to make their summer memorable
  • Valance our booksheets and find additional ways to create tax deductible items
  • Memorize the Konstitushon
  • And other fun activities!

But of course these activities are not free, for the price of $599 we can guarantee that your child will become an indoctrinated member of the Tea Party!

All proceeds will be reinvested into the Tea Party.

GOP infightEdit

There is no truth that Tea Baggers are fighting with Social Conservatives on different issues. That is a lie. Nor there is any truth that Tea Baggers are betraying the free market or our benevolent masters like Big Oil.

Tea Bagging: International EditionEdit

The Tea Party is looking forward to export their patriotic ideas overseas, as of right now they have established a beachhead in Norway. Their attache, a Mr. Breivik, is already working hard to convince Real Nordic people that the threat known as Obama is coming soon to destroy their way of life and kill their children.

Tea Party soon to invade England.

Tea Party Demolishes Socialist Rating!Edit

Tea Party! America Thanks You! (A DC Douglas Tweak)

Tea Party! America Thanks You! (A DC Douglas Tweak)

You are welcome.

Thanks to the Tea Party we are close to our libertarian no-government paradise dream, yet the liberals continue their deluded dream that Real Americans are destroying the economy. Liberals...

Save The Constitution!Edit

The Tea Party will save the constitution by killing it, it makes sense.

Tea Bagging HealthcareEdit

Flag quote open clear2
Let him die!
Flag quote close clear2
~ The Compassionate Tea Party
September 12, 2011

Tea Party Crowd Cheers Letting Uninsured Die

Tea Party Crowd Cheers Letting Uninsured Die

Yeah, kill the socialist!

Tea Party Nation: The Raisin of the New South!Edit

Now this is the Real American we all have been looking for.

See AlsoEdit

External, Yet still American, Tea Bagging TubesEdit

OK, I grew up in Lutherville, and Divine opened the back door at the Timonium Theatre so we could sneak in and see Jane Fonda naked in Klute and Jennifer O'Neal in summer of '42, but NO MORE EXTERNAL TUBES! Footnote: Maryland State Fair

Gather Your Armies

Gather Your Armies

Tea Party: a Call To Arms


Slavery is Back, Baby!
2 Gay Tea Partiers Discuss Gay Marriage And Bigotry

2 Gay Tea Partiers Discuss Gay Marriage And Bigotry

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