Ted Nugent is a blistering sociopathic white supremacist, and violent psychopath. He is a pathetic creature. He is a dirt-eating loser who doesn't know when to shut up. He is a man-child who, for over 40 years has been continuously throwing temper tantrums like a big baby. It is a wonder that he hasn't been deported. On January 20th, 2017, Nugent published an essay titled "How I Got In Trump's Pants", detailing a late night threesome he had with James Comey and Donald Trump at a 5-star hotel, while playing a Marvin Gaye album on a CD player. He talked about how James Comey had the most fun. According to Nugent, Near the end, he climaxed so hard that there was pee all over the walls, which Trump ended up licking, after which he licked Comey and Nugent's butts. The hotel staff had a field day cleaning the room up the following day. This book is yet to be circulated. Ted Nugent is a dangerous enemy of common sense, as he posts morinically inane things every day on facebook, and other social media. He can't go a single day without bitching about how much he hates liberals, Muslims, black people, Barack Obama, or anyone who isn't a gun-loving inbred redneck.

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