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Mahmoud Ahmedi-Terrorist-nejad is a terrorist.
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Terrorist has earned
is evil and impure.
The Baby Satan and The Baby Muhammed feed on this stuff!
The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!

Terrorist in training

Terrorists hate freedom and are enemies of democracy. That is unless they are fighting for freedom and democracy, unless they might affect america from buying oil, then they are again terrorists.Their sole purpose in life is to destroy America and Israel, using Actors such as the Jane Fonda. They enjoy teasing Republicans, denying the Bible was written by republicans a hundred years ago, and eating babies is not what you do if you are a true american. All terrorists in the world are Liberals. (or George Bush) They are all from Hollywood, and most likely like virgins. (anal virgins, as they have not visited the deep south homeland of republica on a canoeing trip) Because the terrorists are actors, they "act" like our friends from the Middle East; The ones who let us use their delicious OIL! Posing as Middle Easterners they even 'act' like they have a religion that ISN'T Christianity. LIES! We know the so-called "War on Iraq" is being producing in a soundstage deep inside Alec Baldwin's Hair (see).

A typical terrorist propaganda poster. They're all just madmen fed on fear and lies.

Best Place to Fight Them

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“We're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here.”
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~ Greatest President EVER
-last Tuesday I think.

A ruthless Terrorist hard at work

Over there, so we won't have to fight them here. we have not won a war here, ever, as you technically can't win a civil war, and the war of independance was helped (a lot) by the french, so they actually won the only war in north america.

Better yet, we should fight them in the past, where they might fight us--before they would have reason to fight us--here, in the present. A current tactic in fighting Terrorists is turning their homebase Hollywood into a Smog factory, therefore the term could be better termed "Chemical Warfare". Don't dwell on the possibility Real Americans might get hurt (seriously, stop it), all Real Americans got the hell out of there YEARS ago, to live in the fruitier parts of san fran cisco(servers)

Terrorist's Tools

Al Qaeda operatives worked for 18 years to sabotage the Segway scooter that George W. Bush would ride in June 2003. They are so devious.

The terrorists use anything they can get their sweaty hands on to hurt America and The Baby Jesus. As long as it doesnt cost more than $5,000, they are terrorists not commies, commies don't have real weapons, they just know amricans are scared of anything long pointy and painted green, and shout a lot from their household bunkers.

  1. Union thugs (aka public teachers)
  2. Bombs
  3. Car bombs
  4. Israelis
  5. IEDs
  6. Michael Moore
  7. Segway scooters
  8. Ali Coli, a sleeper cell specializing in bioterrorism
  9. Bears
  10. Olbermann
  11. Women
  12. The forgiving nature of the American People
  13. C-Span
  14. Scarves
  15. Pizzlies
Anti-American Jihadis Videos
  1. Recently surfaced black-market Iranian weapons in circulation for at least 8 years
  2. Audio messages recorded using cutting edge Windows sound recorder technology
  3. Word of mouth
  4. The Teacher's Union
  5. Volunteer Labor
  6. Secret Codes like "Open Sesame"
  7. Forked Tongues
  8. Multi-Pronged Attacks (Many Headed Snakes)
  9. Monies and Facilities provided by Saudi Arabian Sympathizers
  10. Black Market Prescription Drugs
  11. Al Franken
  12. Poverty
  13. The Twitter
  14. The Internet
  15. porn

Known Terrorist Supporters

  1. The republican party, funding the huja hadeen for over 12 years
  2. The unted states, fnding al ki ee da, for nearly as long as item 1
  3. Israelis (funded by the US)
  4. Communists
  5. Saddam Hussein (funded by the US ans supported by oild sales)
  6. Illegal Immigrants
  7. ACLU
  8. Anarchists
  9. Osama bin Laden (funded by the US in his family construction business building US government establishments, with huge kickbacks)
  10. Bears
  11. These Un-american traitors
  12. CNN (aka The Libural Media)
  13. Subway Sandwich Shop
  14. YOU!
  15. Gov. Ed Rendell
  16. All Foreign People Everywhere
  17. Robots
  18. AID workers
  19. Stoners
  20. Freedom hating hippies
  21. un-american traitors who believe in Jebus
  22. 9/11 Responders who receive free socialized medicine, for free!
  23. Fake Republicans
  24. un-american traitors who hate the Founding Fathers' Religion

NB: America never supported the IRA and never funded them, the Armalites (pictured above) and other resources were aquired by other means.....(we dropped them by mistake honest) in no way were they told to stand down so that the War on Terrorism could get support and in no way did the conflict in Northern Ireland resemble a vicious religious war with an occupying power stuck in the middle (see the development currently under way in the mid-west - we have to keep them busy somewhere). The IRA were never suppiled with weapons and ammunition from LIBYA (funded by the US- supplied with Israeli weapons) or found training the "Resistance" in South America (Truthiness in action).

Types of Terrorists

Mooslim British Terrorists Suck!
Which is Why Al-Qaeda prefers American born Terrorists

NB: The IRA were freedom fighters just like Bin Lardon ...... their past conflict in no way resembles the insurgents in Iraq. (Truthiness in action).

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Who is A Terrorist

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Who is Not Terrorist

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