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An approximation of what actual Thatchers might look like.

Thatchers, also known as lady balls, are a rare gift, usually reserved for ugly British people and East German communists, and are considered the female counterpart to man balls.


Thatchers were first discovered in Britain during the 1980's when the UK was ruled by the conservative manly man Margaret Thatcher. About 5 years into his term some liberal factonista discovered that Margaret Thatcher was actually a woman, but was also found to have a big pair of lady balls. This fact was ignored by the British public as British people don't talk about such American things as balls, ball size, or women in general.

It wasn't until 2006, when all American hero Stephen Colbert was searching his gut for more truthiness to present to the heroes, that anyone besides the British liberal media and Margaret Thatcher, knew of their existance. Stephen went on to tell the American people to truth behind lady balls and, in honor of the woman whom was gifted with the first pair, gave them the name Thatchers.


Russian women challenge each other in events similar to gymnastic competitions. Here, Russia's champion adjusts her Thatcherovnas before a meet.

While it is possible for Republican women to be gifted with Thatchers, one must remember that these lady balls do not have the same ballasity as good old fashioned American man balls. The following list shows the standard conversion formula of ballasity to illustrate this point:

1 million liberal balls* = 1 Thatcher

10 Thatchers = 1 American man ball

An infinite number of American man balls = 1 of Stephen's balls

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