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The American Chickenhawk
is a tool Patriots use to battle America's enemies
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A typical Chickenhawk

The American Chickenhawk is fierce warrior like bird third only to the Eagle and the Steagle. The bird is known for fierce stay the course finish the job ideals unlike its cut and run counterpart the Dove. Those with seniority may later be approved for meritorious civilian-veteran status and a yearly allowance of fabricated combat stories.


The Council of Doom created these chickenhawks. They were created through the mind-melding of a chicken and a hawk, which then became so connected, they asked us to become physically connected, and then cloned. They have flight speeds of up to twice the speed of sound (which means they break the sound barrier twice as loudly) and can kill a human without even trying. Over 100,000 chickenhawks are reported to be thriving in the southern U.S. They are sold to the U.S. for ultra cheap, making them excellent food for the fire-proof crocodiles, when the flow of aliens gets low. They also assist the crocodiles in special joint operations, which are always ordered by the Council leader, Fidel Castro.




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