We are all Mrs. Colbert, even Stephen himself. Congratulations America

The perfect example of The American Lady is Betsy Ross.

Stephen couldn't think of any modern-day American Ladies, so he invited two feminists on his October 10, 2006 show to talk about Ladies' Business. Instead, the feminists insisted on baking an apple pie.

Jane Fonda rolled the dough, and couldn't keep her lips off of Dr. Colbert; Gloria Steinem refused to squeeze lemons without Stephen touching her.

Women can't keep their hands off Stephen.

Women Who Can't Resist Stephen Colbert

  • Jane Fonda
  • Gloria Steinem
  • Helen Thomas
  • Every one of your relatives. Yep...even Grandma.
  • Every woman you've ever met, or never met. This includes all women existing and non-existing.
  • Charlene. (She just won't admit to it.)

Lyrics to There You Are, Mrs. Colbert

There you are
Full of moxie and spunk
You're a ship
That can't be sunk

You're a lovely summer rose
With stems encased in panty hose
You're all undeniably fair
And you are all Mrs. Colbert

You are all Mrs. Colbert

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