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The Bush Administration
Was an Enemy of Satan and a Pinnacle of Freedom here on earth.
Sadly, The Bush Administration has moved to The Baby Jesus's Secret Island Home
in Heaven to continue the fight by his side. Be scared Satan!
Anyone who listens to anything Keith Olbermann says about the Bush administration wants the terrorists to win

The Bush Administration spanned eight glorious years, in which The Greatest President Ever lowered corporate taxes, brutalized terrorists, told us what we needed to hear and didn't tell us about things we didn't. Now, sure, a few things went wrong during President Bush's tenure, but that was only because the Democrats were in charge of Congress sort of for the last two years of it. Up until then, everything was fine.


Administrate the things that George W. Bush feels in his gut, except when he's choking, in which case it provides medical attention via prayer.


The Bush Administration was a team of superpowered beings personally selected by President Bush for their ability to manifest democracy out of thin air and transmute moral decay into traditional family values. They posess a keen instinct for truthiness and are considered by philosophers to be the ultimate source of moral guidance. They are praised among all mankind, and dolphins too, for their extensive use of truthiness. They are now down to about -20% truth, 178% Truthiness and 2% George Bush's playfull banter with members of the media.

This Administration has never, ever had an approval rating of less than 1000%. These figures have a margin of error of 15 billion%. After you factor that in, 0% truth is never exceded, 15.2 billion% truthiness remains near constant, and 175% laugh/chuckle/playful banter with members of the media has accumulated.

Current top membersEdit

Bear-loving Liberals hate Democracy


  • Filipino kitchen help
  • Mexican gardener
  • Asian math tutors
  • Joowish accountants
  • Joowish lawyers
  • Joowish comedians
  • Head Department of Joowish and Israeli Affairs
  • Indian medical doctor
  • Christian private minister

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