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October 17, 2005 may be one of is the second most important date in history, for on this date, The Colbert Report first aired, unleashing the awesome power of truthiness (among other important concepts) on the United States of America. The most important date was probably Jesus's founding of America. The U.S.A. is now considered better off than it was before October 17, 2005, with statistical data to prove this. For further information on this statistical data, see factiness.

Introduction of "truthiness" Edit

On this date, the most useful word known to mankind ("truthiness") was introduced to amazed viewers worldwide by Stephen Colbert on his very first showing of The Colbert Report, the greatest show to ever grace cable TV and the universe in general.

Truthiness had never previously been used in the English language. In essence, it means to know something "from the gut." Instead of using textbooks for reliable information, one must feel the truth. Don't be an America-hating elitest, prescribe to the truthiness doctrine.

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