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Date: August 1, 2007 Season:
Episode: 292 Production code: 3099
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The Check-InEdit

Stephen offers to do his check-in as an Homeric Epic, but The Jew refuses. Stephen then offers to do a limerick.


  • Tuition Impossible
"Colleges raise tuitions for certain majors, but I say, 'Just get an honarary degree; they're free.'"
  • Bringin' Sexy Beak
"Plus, Hollywood faces a pigeon infestation. Man, Michael Bay is really running out of ideas!"
  • Inaugural Balls
"And my guest, Michael Beschloss, has written a book on presidential courage. Turns out pardoning that turkey every Thanksgiving is scarier than you think."

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Hot enough for ya? Yes I am.. This is The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
August 1, 2007 The Colbert Report

Wrist WatchEdit

  • update on Stephen's near-fatal injury
    • Jimmy reminds Stephen of the happier times when his wrist was normal
    • orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jerry Vizzone, master of metacarpals, the rajah of the radials...

Let's Get Ready to Rehab!

  • chip fracture of the triquetrum
  • surgery took three minutes
  • prognosis: he'll be fine

Secondary EducationEdit

  • freedom for students
  • cereal for dinner
  • interesting courses

College Credit, the word

When Animals Attack Our MoralsEdit



30-minute anniversary of this episode, Stephen gave America something, where is his present?


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