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Date: August 2, 2007 Season:
Episode: 293 Production code: 3100
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  • Road To Ruin
"Is the U.S. building a NAFTA Superhighway from Mexico to Canada? And who's going to clean up the maple salsa tanker spills?"
  • Bad Time For Bonds-O
"And the wait continues for Barry Bonds to break the homerun record, carrying on baseball's proud tradition of waiting for something to happen."
  • Behe-Man, Darwin-Haters Club
"Plus, my guest, Michael Behe, is called the 'Father of Intelligent Design', my monkey viewers may want to switch the channel."

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Select members of my studio audience tonight will be receiving chairs. This is The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
August 2, 2007 The Colbert Report

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Care Packages to TroopsEdit

  • I Am America, And So Can You
  • Defense Department sent thigh masters

Take Off Your Shirt and Drink Beer in A Parking LotEdit

  • Mini Sport report
    • baseball almost everyday
    • Alex Rodriguez (A Rod resembles Rod Stewart) stuck at 499
    • Barry Bonds stuck at 754 (83 helicopter pursuits)




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