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October 30, 2007
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Dr. Colbert announces that his candidacy will not be doing any media October 30, 2007. Apparently the Jew-run media didn't get the memo.

Colbert needs Stephen time.



  • Funder Enlightening
"I take a close look at campaign finance laws! And what I find is that Doritos take snacking to the next level!"
  • Smother Nature
"Plus, my new feature about the environment! No polar bears were hurt in the making of this segment; they were killed instantly!"
  • Da Venter Code
"Then, my guest Craig Venter has successfully encoded his own genome, which has been hailed a breakthrough in the field of medicine for Craig Venter!"

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The following anger is based on a true story...
This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
October 30, 2007 The Colbert Report

What Dr. Colbert Saw In The NewsEdit

  • Barack Obama turned down help from Brad Pitt
    • Dr. Colbert offers his candidacy to Brad Pitt's abs

The Hail To The Cheese Stephen Colbert Nacho CheeseEdit

  • never knowingly violate any federal election laws
    • luckily he doesn't know any federal election laws
    • Papa Bear
      • sentenced to house arrest
      • the location of the file:
        • you wish I didn't put it there
    • election strategy: talk about his election on his show
      • Bus was free, there were no one left on the campaign guarding it
  • Massie Ritsch
    • Center for Responsive Politics

Eco Nuts and Swinging CatsEdit


  • Craig Venter
    • DNA
    • Gene
    • engineering life forms to make bank for himself and his corporation, but not a new liver for Dr. Colbert


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