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January 22, 2008
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No statement of truth, show started with theme and opening graphics.


Dr. Colbert Is Pissed OffEdit

Dow dropped 450 points!

  • Gorlock did not warn Dr. Colbert (and not answering his calls)
    • comes from the future
    • Tom Cruise recommended him

Democrat Debate In Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaEdit

  • Hillary used her heat vision
    • Barack's suit took a while to be put out
  • Game called Reagan

Republicans Move On To FloridaEdit

  • Mitt Romney reaches across cultures
    • Who Let The Dogs Out
      • woo hoo indeed
      • Pundits asked, "Is Mitt Romney Retarded?"
  • Malcolm Gladwell
    • IQ's are dubious usefulness
  • IQ scores have gone up
    • we're better at answering the questions in the test
    • if Lincoln took IQ today, would be considered retarded
      • Probably shot himself combing his hair with a gun and barely feed himself
    • knives and potatoes do not belong together
  • measure intelligence by who makes the most money
  • Dr. Colbert's IQ is "A" (95)

It's About StephenEdit

  • Tom Brokaw's New Book, Boom!
    • Hillary and Barack fought over who liked Reagan better
    • It's all about Stephen
  • 1969
  • forces of change
    • South Carolina not immune
    • in April of 1969 hospital workers went on strike
      • all were black
      • majority were women
    • labor dispute escalated to civil rights movement
    • Ralph Abernathy was joined by Coretta Scott King
    • Andrew Young soon joined them
    • hospital met demands after 100 days, without recognizing union
  • the hospital administrator who negotiated with the strikers was Dr. James W. Colbert who fathered The Greatest American Ever!, Our Glorious Stephen


Andrew Young

  • could he be Dr. Colbert's new black friend?


Dr Colbert dedicated "Let My People Go" to everyone involved with the WGA Strike. Joining him was his guests Andrew Young and Malcolm Gladwell, neither of which is really a bass, maybe a barratone, but certainly not basses.

The Harlem Gospel Choir joined in on tamboreens and real singing voices as images of the writers wandered aimlessly across the screen.


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