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January 30, 2008
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No statement of truth, show started with theme and opening graphics.


Hard NewsEdit

Dr.Colbert is all for Jungle Fever

  • Florida Primaries
    • Rudy didn't win
  • Edwards is out!
    • stirring message
    • Two Americas
      • people were voting for Edwards because they were afraid of Hillary
      • other America voting for Edwards because they are afraid of Obama
  • Florida Dems moved primary up
    • Hillary says Florida is a big deal
    • South Carolina is not a big deal
      • Not unimportant that it has too many blacks
      • does not have enough old people
        • old people are impartial
        • dead people are independents

Joe Lieberman

  • face may be dead
  • endorsed McCain
  • McCain is a Republican

Big Loser in Florida was Rudy

  • concession speech
    • Successories (Rudy's inspirational messages)
  • Florida may reflect the entire nation

The Truth About FloridaEdit

  • Carl Hiassen
    • author and Florida native
    • to properly check America place your hands under Florida and ask America to cough
  • Florida was discovered by a madmen
  • along with dreams come the predatory population
  • biggest change in FLA
    • population
  • Florida would improve if it had more alcoholic snake handlers
    • people do not reinvent themselves when they move to FLA

South Carolina In The NewsEdit

  • Better know A District
    • South Carolina's 4th, the fightin' Fourth
    • Up country are of South Carolina

Represented by ultra conservative Bob Inglis


we are no different from the apes, won't mind when Stephen throws his feces at him, Frans de Waal


Stephen said goodnight and peeled a if to eat it, and nothing else, you perverts.


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