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August 26, 2008
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  • Things to do in Denver, If You're Dem
"The Democratic National Convention kicks off in Denver! Big news for sister cities: Sodom, Gomorrah!"
  • Green Achers
"Plus, the Democratic Convention's gone green! Don't worry, the Republican Convention is still going to be all white!"
  • Defeat the Press
"And my guest is former White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan! It's gonna be a great interview if he just sticks to the talking points I gave him!"

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To the Democrats in the mile high city, remember if you drink at that altitude, you might become interesting!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
August 26, 2008 The Colbert Report

Democrat ConventionEdit

  • Dr. Colbert clearly has lost his voice
    • Dr. Colbert is in Denver
    • just like everyone else
      • Denver omlete
      • Denver Bronco hat
        • bought on Denver Street.
  • looks like footage from Burning Man
    • apologized to Burning Man

Michelle Obama's SpeechEdit

  • liberal media raved
    • Bill Kristol has a heart of Dick Cheney's discarded heart parts
  • whenever Stephen replaces words in Michelle Obama's speech
    • for instance hope with sodomy
  • Stephen also says good night to his children via satellite and big screen TV

19th AmendmentEdit

  • Hillary Clinton gave a speech at DNC
    • pandering to female voters
  • liberals ignore anniversaries important to other Americans
  • Will Schortz hid the name of who he will vote for in his cryptic crossword

Green ConventionEdit

  • pink fluffy stuff in the attic is not cotton candy!
    • Democrats are recycling
      • not just Joe Biden recycling speeches
  • sham, Democrats don't care about trees
    • Stephen won't let them get away with it; he will be offsetting their "offsets"
      • running his FOX microwave (filled with styrofoam cups) until Obama's speech
  • Stephen likes his popcorn burny
  • Greening is about regulations
    • libertarians also do not like regulations

Libertarian Candidate for PresidentEdit

  • welcomed him to Denver
    • his head was getting light
  • believes global warming is real, but that the market should take care of it
  • smoked cigar with Al Gore
  • polling at about 6% nationwide
    • double-digits in some states
  • might be on all the state ballots
    • 48 out of 50
  • his mustache might woo Hillary voters


  • Scott McClellan
    • book: "What Happened
    • former White House press secretary, Stephen doesn't want to worry him, but Helen Thomas is in the front row!
  • they did speak about Stephen after his speech at the correspondent's dinner
  • he was in the web, but left
  • he is easily mislead
  • during the day politicians may be human beings
  • is coy about who he supports
    • waiting to see who is most likely to change how Washington works
  • neither Scott or Stephen has talked to The Greatest President Ever since the book came out, so Stephen decided it would be a good idea to call
    • the White House operator would not take a message


  • stay tuned for
    • Stephen never thought about what was on after his own show


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