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October 2, 2008
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  • Vice Squad
"A debate between candidates for the most powerful office in the land ... Dick Cheney's!"
  • House of Payin
"Then, should the House approve the financial bailout!? Or should they just drill for oil on Wall Street!?"
  • Eine Klein Interview
"And, my guest Naomi Kline says Republicans always exploit disasters for political gain! Not true; sometimes they exploit gay marriage!"

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It's snowing on Mars, so the following schools are closed: Microbe Academy, Bleep Blorp Elementary and St. Theresa's Blessed Crater!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
October 2, 2008 The Colbert Report

The Vice Presidential DebateEdit

  • Dr. Colbert accepts the mob's applause (for tonight) and will repay is some day
  • Dr. Colbert expects a gaff from Joe Biden
  • Sarah Palin hit it out of the park
    • or in Alaska, she hit it all the way to Russia
  • Palin called people from Pakistan: alpacas
    • they both make nice sweaters
  • to divert attention from the debate
    • Dr. Colbert shoots an audience member a former lover in the throws of passion
  • amazing personal stories
    • Dr. Colbert spent 2 years under cover in the theater department to root out hippies
  • McCain is like MacBeth
    • a passionate man prized for his military heroism
    • MacBeth was a McMaverick
  • plagued by a ghost who keeps popping up at the wrong times
  • running mate plagued by witches
  • more like Prospero from the "Tempest"
    • saddled with a hideous
  • Obama is like Hamlet
    • haunted by his father and father figure
    • drove a good woman insane
  • Obama may be like Othello
  • could answer in iambic pentameter
  • McCain has Shakespearean parallels
  • Shakespeare spoke to the groundlings
    • would have loved Sarah Palin, but played by a young boy
  • Obama might be Puck
    • casts a spell on people who already have donkey heads
  • tried to fuck with Dr. Colbert, who out-quoted him!

Formidable OpponentEdit

  • The Ballsiest Bailout Debate
  • like syphilitic
    • the cure $700 billion
  • regulation is like taking a shower with a raincoat on


  • Naomi Klein
  • shock doctrine sounds like a great way to get information from a prisoner
    • says torture is okay
  • claims authorities are taking advantage of us during a disaster
  • taking advantage really means taking initiative and responsibility
  • people are becoming shock resistance
  • she sounds upset that she's not a banker
  • prison industrial complex is part of disaster capitalism



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