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November 12, 2008
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  • Unfairness Doctrine
"George W. Bush is a victim! Other people can't make their mortgage, so he has to leave his house!?"
  • Doctor of Fine Hearts
"Then, doctors find a new way to protect your heart! I keep a baboon handy as a spare!"
  • Sporting Woodward
"And my guest Bob Woodward says there's infighting in the Bush Administration! They're fighting in there, so we don't have to fight them out here!"

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Hey, TelePrompTer! Stop telling me what to do! Pause! Then yell:
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
November 12, 2008 The Colbert Report

A New FourmulaEdit

  • Dr. Colbert says never point out the diehards
    • sounds like a cult
  • everybody is saying we're in an international crisis
    • jobs are disappearing
  • New York Times
    • shortage of sperm donors in Britain!
  • even sperm banks are failing
    • truly world-wide problem with liquidity
  • calling for a sperm bailout
  • not asking Americans to sacrifice
  • Sells well in Narnia
    • made most of it while hiding in the wardrobe
      • likes the feel of a fur coat
  • hope it helps with their problem with their faulty towers

The Election's Greatest Victim EverEdit

  • Omaha Nebraska is still counting votes there
    • giving one more electoral vote
    • first Dem since Johnson in 1964
      • who promised to nuke Kansas
  • Dems say cherry on top of sweet election
    • GOP like bitter and salty
  • coke machine and fry station
  • the greatest victim was the president
    • he has been oppressed
  • demonized by his enemies
  • he was demonized because he cared too much
    • Wall Street Journal editorial
      • The Treatment of Bush Has Been A Disgrace
  • criticizing Bush has been damaging to the U.S.
  • clockwise hula is the hula of shame
  • don't ask why the GOP was rejected by the voters
    • who can be blamed for it?

Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.Edit

  • Prescott presents:
    • GynoMorph
      • turn you into a dude
  • Side effects:
    • subcutaneous funions
    • ingrown testicle
    • outgrown testicle
    • Testicular testicularization
  • Heart Health
    • statins reduce cholesterol
  • Prescott introduces:
    • VaxaCrest
    • until your heart pumps nacho cheese
  • side effects:
    • fallopian tapeworm
    • Runaway gums
    • mind of mencia
  • In other news:
  • Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive"
    • perfect rhythm to use during CPR
  • Barry Gibb's falsetto voice sounds like a heart monitor after you die
  • Prescott introduces:
  • The presTune store
    • download a song for every medical need
  • rash-Prince's Creme
    • ventricular funk
    • spontaneous gypsy scarf
    • Stephen Tyler Lip
  • You only have one heart, unless you used Vaxa Cream between April and July of 2004


  • Bob Woodward
  • called the best reporter in the world, let's see how he does against the worst
  • two legends of journalism sitting across from each other
  • he is like the bubonic plague
  • New book: The War Within
  • secret history of the Bush Administration
  • took two years to investigate dysfunction
  • infighting in Bush's White House
    • American people lost that battle
  • everything is fine because
  • Stephen physically cannot read Doonesbury
    • his eyes don't take to it
  • Bush made Washington work in his own way
  • he claims Bush did it to himself
    • delegate allows for plausible deniability
  • they should be given points for being secretive and deceptive
  • made a promise not to say anything until it's too late


  • Dr. Colbert says good night after giving the camera his very best look of gravitas


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