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November 13, 2008
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  • Father, Son, Solar Ghost
"The Vatican goes green! They're going to start selling carbon indulgences!"
  • Owner's Emanuel
"Then, President-elect Obama names Rahm Emanuel his Chief of Staff! Meanwhile, John McCain names Mrs. Butterworth his Chief of Pancakes!"
  • Moore's the Pity
"Plus, my guest is champion of economic conservatism, Steve Moore! He'll tell me what he thinks and the ideas will trickle down to you!"

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Hey, single malt scotch! You're thirty years old! When are you going to settle down and get my stomach!?
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
November 13, 2008 The Colbert Report


  • more tragic violence tonight
  • battle rages on
  • senseless imaginary warfare between blacks and gay
    • tearing our great nation (or cable newsmen) apart
  • will it spark a culrute war with gay militant
    • only if Stephen has anything to say about it
  • started with Porp 8
    • 70% af-am voted for ban
  • Mormans supported the ban as well
    • therefore they're black
  • Afro-homo-gedden
  • Gayblackolypse
  • gays stole disco from the blacks
    • blacks may be upset about the theft of disco
  • who gets to claim Little Richard
    • more on this turmoil as Srephen makes it up

Tip of the Hat, Wag of the FingerEdit

  • Wag at Pope Benedict XVI
    • for going "green"
    • will effect Pope-choosing smoke signal
  • Catholics use every part of the Jesus
  • God's mode of communication: forest fire
  • two sets of carbon footprints on the beach
    • the other set is Jesus revving his gas-powered leaf blower
  • Wag at Julian Norridge, a British author who claims baseball was invented by the British
  • Tip to Marvel Comics
    • in Marvel Universe, Stephen remained a viable candidate for President
    • Also put Stephen on the cover of Amazing Spiderman #573
      • Daily Bugle, November 5, 2008 edition called the election for Dr. Colbert
        • there was a mistake; the wrong headline was printed, which is why Stephen
  • Wag to Marvel Comics
    • printed too early
    • Stephen won the popular vote, but Obama won the electoral college
      • It was Florida

Owner's EmanuelEdit

  • last week Obama made the first appointment of his new administration
  • he advised freshman Congressmen to avoid speaking to Stephen Colbert
  • Stephen responded by refusing to return the tip of Emanuel's finger
  • you may have the ear of the most powerful man on earth, but Stephen has your finger
  • Give Stephen a cabinet position
  • Sec Defense
  • Interior
  • White House dog
    • has all his shots, mostly house broken
      • if you lay a copy of the New York Times on the floor, Stephen promises to pee on it
  • full disclosure
    • not really your finger
  • Stephen is offering his finger
    • anything to get into the cabinet


  • Stephen Moore
  • founder of Club for Growth, Stephen has been getting emails from them!
  • Stephen reads him in the Wall Street Journal
    • something in common
    • both against the bailout
  • doesn't matter if economy fails
    • they have a theory to protect
  • political donors are getting
  • book "The End of Prosperity"
  • Obama is going to tax Christmas
  • comparing Obama to FDR
    • New Deal was a disaster
  • World War 2 got us out of the Great Depression
  • that's why Dr. Colbert is pushing for WW3
  • the press crucified her
    • she is very Christ-like
  • future of GOP
    • very dim
    • the leader is Ronald Reagan, like Tinkerbell
  • next to Dr. Colbert, Moore says the leader of the republican party is Rush Limbaugh
    • unifying figure


  • Dr. Colbert closed this episode at the Shelves of Honor
    • still mad that he didn't win the Marvel election
    • recreational googling, using the search parameters:
      • Spiderman
      • Barack Obama
      • how can you tell if a zoo monkey is in love with you
  • Dr. Colbert found: Fifty facts about Barack Obama
    • collects Spiderman, Conan the Barbarian comics
  • not a secret Muslim
    • he's a secret nerd
  • Dr. Colbert and Joe Quesada signed it, making it extremely valuable
    • Quesada volunteered to talk to Spiderman to get him to sign it to
  • Dr. Colbert places the Spiderman-collector bait on the shelf, inviting Obama to appear on "The Report"


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