Season 3 (2007) FebruaryEdit

# First aired "The Wørd" Studio guest Introductory phrase Prod#
209 02/01/2007 We Shall Overcome Senator Charles Schumer "SuperBowl Sunday isn't for three more days, but Colbert Report Thursday starts right now." 3016
Stephen welcomes New York Senator Charles Schumer.

210 02/05/2007 Second Opinion Wendy Kopp "Hey, Peyton Manning - I'm going to Disney World too! Let's go halvsies on a day pass." 3017
Stephen introduces the newest in his series of man-seed and welcomes Wendy Kopp, head of Teach for America.

211 02/06/2007 Making A Killing Charlie LeDuff "I'm attacking America's enemies like a spurned astronaut." 3018
Stephen welcomes Charlie LeDuff, star of Hogan's Heroes and author of US Guys: The True and Twisted Mind of the American Man.

212 02/07/2007 Silence Stephen Pinker "Fall in love with Stephen Colbert all over again...This is The Colbert Report!" 3019
Another episode in the continuing adventures of Tek Jansen and Stephen welcomes another Stephen, cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker; a professor at Harvard University and author of The Humanities and Human Nature.

213 02/08/2007 none Chris Hedges (following Stephen's brief summary of topics and guests for the night) "...and if you think that sounds good, you'll enjoy this show." 3020
Stephen welcomes Chris Hedges, author of American Fascists: The Christian Right and The War on America. Stephen tries to answer the question on Debra Dickerson's mind: Is Obama black? Stephen also tries to answer the question on everyone else's minds: Is Loretta Sanchez A Whore?

214 02/12/2007 Inappropriate Michael Oppenheimer "Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin... in Hell." 3021
Stephen covers the results of the 2007 Grammy Awards, plus more hat tips and finger wags. He also welcomes climate scientist and grandson of the atomic bomb, Michael Oppenheimer.

215 02/13/2007 Frenemy Sheryl WuDunn no intro 3022
A Colbert Report Special Report Apocalypse Mao: Murdered by the Orient's Success and Stephen welcomes the leader of the WuDunn Clan, Sheryl WuDunn.

216 02/14/2007 Bad Medicine Lance Armstrong "Nation? Be mine." 3023
Stephen welcomes uni-balled bicyclist Lance Armstrong.

217 02/15/2007 none Shashi Tharoor "There's an 'i' in 'team' the way I spell it." 3024
Stephen learns more about what to expect from his Mastermedia International Day of Prayer from LOST creator J.J. Abrams and single mother Murphy Brown, and welcomes former Undersecretary General for Communications and Public Information at the United Nations Shashi Tharoor.

218 02/26/2007 Success Zev Chafets "And the award for the Best Adaptation of the Truth goes to..." 3025
Stephen's Sound Advice on Avoiding Humiliation On The Campaign Trail, a review of the 2007 Academy Awards including host Billy Crystal and Stephen welcomes the author of A Match Made In Heaven, Zev Chafets.

219 02/27/2007 Recoil Dr. Craig Venter "A portion of tonight's show has been recorded at frequencies only dogs can hear. This is The Colbert Report." 3026
Stephen fends off the godless science of Dr. Craig Venter, mapper of the human genome with Frances Collins.

220 02/28/2007 none Nina Jablonski "February if you had any balls you'd be three days longer." 3027
Stephen welcomes cousin of Heywood Jablome and author of Skin: A Natural History, anthropologist Nina Jablonski to The Report.
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