Season 3 (2007) JuneEdit

# First aired "The Wørd" Studio guest Introductory phrase Prod#
266 6/4/2007 none Jane Schakowsky / Leon Botstein "Loch Ness monster, come on my show or you're nothing but a myth." 3073
Stephen welcomes the President of Bard College, East Coast Secular Progressive Supervillian Leon Botstein.
267 6/5/2007 Mission Control Jessica Valenti "To me, every day is the Fourth of July. Which is why so many of my checks get returned." 3074
Stephen welcomes the executive editor of and author of Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters, Jessica Valenti.
268 6/6/2007 Airogance Carl Bernstein "It's the 63rd anniversary of D-Day. Still waiting for that thank you note, France." 3075
Stephen welcomes Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Carl Bernstein.
269 6/7/2007 Rodham Cullen Murphy "How many times do I have to tell you "this is The Colbert Report"? One more time? Fine. This is The Colbert Report" 3076
Stephen welcomes Vanity Fair editor and author of Are We Rome?: The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America, Cullen Murphy.
270 6/11/2007 Easy A Dr. Michael Gershon "Hey, Tony Awards, you forgot this performance: (sung with jazz hands) This is The Colbert Repoooooooort!" 3077
Stephen welcomes the chairman of the Columbia University Anatomy & Cell Biology Faculty, Professor Michael Gershon.
271 6/12/2007 none Josh Wolf "Lights! Camera! Anger!" 3078
Stephen welcomes video blogger, or vlogger, Josh Wolf.
272 6/13/2007 Pathophysiology Ron Paul "I've got good news: I just saved a lot of money on car insurance by switching to no car insurance. This is The Colbert Report. 3079
Stephen welcomes Texas Representative and Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul.
273 6/14/2007 none Daniel B. Smith "Hey, Carly Simon. Thanks for writing that song about me." 3080
Stephen welcomes Daniel Smith, author of Muses, Madmen, and Prophets: Rethinking the History, Science, and Meaning of Auditory Hallucination.
274 6/18/2007 McConaughey Toby Keith "I had a great Father's Day will all my kids – that I know of." 3081
Stephen welcomes country music superstar and representative of Level Three of Your Relationship With God, Toby Keith. We'll find out why Toby named his new album Big Dog Daddy after Stephen.
275 6/19/2007 none Anne-Marie Slaughter "Hey! Oscillating fans. Left or right? Pick a side. We're at war." 3082
Stephen welcomes foreign policy scholar and author of The Idea that Is America: Keeping Faith with Our Values in a Dangerous World, Anne-Marie Slaughter.
276 6/20/2007 Justice Just-ish Will Schwalbe "Hey, America! I got shotgun! Not the seat. The gun." 3083
Stephen welcomes the editor in chief of Hyperion Books and co-author of Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home, Will Schwalbe.
277 6/21/2007 Porking Vincent Bugliosi "It's International Surf Day. Shaka, brah!" 3084
Stephen welcomes prosecutor and author of Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Vincent Bugliosi.
278 6/25/2007 Fourth Branch Tom Hayden "If you're sitting within three feet of your TV, careful! You're in the Splash Zone." 3085
Stephen welcomes the founding member of the Students for a Democratic Society, California legislator, former husband of Jane Fonda and author of Ending the War in Iraq, Tom Hayden.
279 6/26/2007 Elsewhere David France "You've heard of truth in advertising? This is truth with advertising." 3086
Stephen welcomes the author of New York Magazine's article The Science of Gaydar.
280 6/27/2007 none Tom Blanton / Daniel Gilbert "Being me is a full-time job, and I've never missed a day." 3087
Stephen welcomes professor of psychology at Harvard and author of Stumbling on Happiness, Daniel Gilbert.
281 6/28/2007 Profiles In Timing Zbigniew Brzezinski / Doug Bailey "Just six days 'til my 4th of July backyard fireworks display. And just eight days 'til they're finally able to put it out." 3088
Stephen welcomes the National Security Advisor for President Jimmy Carter and author of Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower, Zbigniew Brzezinski. He'll also ask the founder of Unity '08, Doug Bailey, who their Presidential candidate will be now that Rick James is dead.
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