Season 4 (2008) July

# First aired "The Wørd" Studio guest Introductory phrase Prod#
418 July 14, 2008 Priceless Daniel Esty "Hey, In Touch magazine, if Brangelina turns you down, I have a pair of twins you can photograph!" 4087
Dr. Colbert feels the suffering of some Americans as they suffer watching other Americans suffer from the economy. He also helps Barack Hussein Obama look for an other religion with a look at Buddhism! Dr. Colbert's guest tries to avoid the solution to all of America's problems: invading Iran.
419 July 15, 2008 (no word) Jason Riley "I'm like my own All-Star Game, in that I'm also not trying hard!" 4088
Dr. Colbert discusses the controversial The New Yorker magazine, as only he can and allows a Venezuelan-hugger into The Eagle's Nest to blather on about beauty pageants and 12-cent-a-gallon gas. Dr. Colbert's guest, Jason Riley, tries to convince America that the border protecting us from Venezuelans (and other Mexicans) should be wide open. Also, Difference Maker Donald Trump shills his golf course, perhaps as a destination for all those future landscapers.
420 July 16, 2008 (no word) Rush "Good fences make good neighbors and good neighbors make good fences! Get on it, Mexico!" 4089
Jimmy almost gets himself fired by starting the program with a Rush song instead of The Colbert Report theme. Dr. Colbert spends the next 26 minutes or so, trying to keep control of The Eagle's Nest as special guest, Rush, takes over, closing the show by playing Tom Sawyer past the credits.
421 July 17, 2008 (no word) Elizabeth Edwards "Thanks, Rush!" 4090
Dr. Colbert spends the first few minutes of this show, finishing up from the previous show! He shaves, reads the The USA Today and flushes the C-Desk toilet before welcoming guest, Elizabeth Edwards to talk about turning America into Canada.
422 July 21, 2008 (no word) Senator Jim Webb "Batman may have ruled the box office, but Mamma Mia ruled my heart!" 4091
Dr. Colbert compares the wasteful, elitist extravaganza that is the Obama campaign with the subdued and thoughful campaign of war hero John McCain. Later, he Better Knows the eco-lobby with a certified tree-hugger. Later he talks with guest, Senator Jim Webb about the dangers of writing one's own books.
423 July 22, 2008 Fight to the Furnish Margaret Spellings "I'm a man of few words, but I say them over and over and over!" 4092
Dr. Colbert fulfills his promise in the opening by discussing himself, his ice cream, his home state and his WristStrong Bracelets with guest, Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings.
424 July 23, 2008 Join The European Union Nas "This is a no smoking building! Then what am I doing here?! 4093
Dr. Colbert discusses one of the more important aspects of the failing economy: the closing of many Starbucks, including the one under The C-Desk. Dr. Colbert's guest, Nas, recognizes gated community cred when he calls Stephen a "gangsta host"! This compliment makes up for his perfoming a treasonous song against FOX, called Sly Fox.
425 July 24, 2008 (no word) Dr. Garrett Reisman "Count your blessings, America! (points to himself) One!" 4094
In the first "Astronaut Thursday", Dr. Colbert presents a Threat Down, follows the world tour of America's favorite Secret Muslim and discusses the finer points of the latest Anglican Summit, before swapping WristStrong Bracelets with guest, Dr. Garrett Reisman.
426 July 28, 2008 (no word) Toby Keith "Do not store me near an open flame! My contents are under pressure!" 4095
Dr. Colbert dedicates a moment of quiet reflection upon hearing the news that Robert Novack has a brain tumor with a few phone calls. Later, guest, Toby Keith brought his supple lips back to The eagle's Nest to talk with Stephen and sing a song.
427 July 29, 2008 Honest Belief Eric Roston "I always give it 110%! As I see it, somebody owes me a 10% refund!" 4096
Dr. Colbert opens the show more furious than he has ever been after hearing that Ted Stevens has been indicted! His fury continues unabated during his interview with carbon-phile, Eric Roston, an author who can't shut up about carbon even after writing an entire book about it.
428 July 30, 2008 Save Ferris Crosby Stills and Nash "For every action, I have a very superior reaction!" 4097
Still fuming, Dr. Colbert vents his sophisticated rage toward a fat cat, who isn't Ted Stevens, but an actual 44-pound cat from New Jersey and how America is allowing state fairs to disintegrate like so many stomach linings as deep-fried twinkies settle in. Allowing his rage to simmer, Dr. Colbert joins hippie troubadours, Crosby, Stills and Nash in The Greatest Rendition of Teach Your Children Ever!
429 July 31, 2008 (word) Buzz Aldrin "Frère Jacques, frère Jacques! Dormez-truth!" 4098
Dr. Colbert presents another edition of Cheating Death and discusses astronauting with guest, Buzz Aldrin. No punches were thrown by either party.