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The Colbert Report is the most truthy news program on television, everything else pales in comparison. Too bad Stephen can't see color.

Essential Elements that create The Right AttitudeEdit

In order to better understand Stephen and by extension, his show, one must study the "Essential Elements" of both Stephen and The Report.

Being JudgementalEdit

Honoring OneselfEdit

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Stephen and Alan, his once and future Black Friend

In addition to having the Right Attitude, one must also have the right friends. AOTR stands for: "Acquaintance of The Report", because The Report has no friends.

Enemies of Freedom, The Report and AmericaEdit

Important Issues Dr. Colbert Discusses That No One Else DoesEdit

Regular Educational News SegmentsEdit

Colbert word

Colbert's Wørd.


The Campaign Against Humbuggery

Since becoming a Doctor, Stephen feels it is important that people know what's important. Here is a short list of the segments all Americans should be taught in public schools.

For the complete list of all the segments of The Report, click here.

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Official Colbert Video Games

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Colbert Music Video

Stephen and The Colberts rock a special someone


A screenshot from an All-American documentary.

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Stephen Colbert's Scorn

A True American Fragrance™.

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