# First aired "The Wørd" Studio guest Introductory phrase Prod#
492 January 5, 2009 (no word) Alan Colmes, John King The first show of the New Year opened with the theme 5001
For the first show of the new year, Dr. Colbert introduces a new "arrangement", a co-host, Alan Colmes in the first episode of Colbert & Colmes. Dr. Colbert was able to show a new Tek Jansen adventure and interview a guest (John King) before having to fire Colmes for his incessant liberalness.
493 January 6, 2009 (no word) David Leonhardt, Matt Miller This show also opened without the theme 5002
Dr. Colbert nailed two liberal "journalists," penetrated the Rahm Emanuel force field protecting Congress to Better Know a Utah representative and made a killed several liberal ideas--all without breaking a sweat!
494 January 7, 2009 Statute of Liberty Benicio Del Toro "It's the year of the Ox! Good, I was getting sick of eating rat!" 5003
Dr. Colbert introduced the first word of the year (Statute of Liberty), the first Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger of the year and exposed the many lies of the liberal media while interrogating his guest, Benicio Del Toro, star of the movie "Che", based on the life of commie hero, Che Guevara!
495 January 8, 2009 (no word) Lawrence Lessig "The hills are alive with the sound of wolves! RUN MARIA! RUN!" 5004
Dr. Colbert introduces a new segment Yahweh Or No Way, a mash-up of the most popular segment from The Daily Show called This Week In God and a popular segment from The Colbert Report, Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger.
496 January 12, 2009 (no word) Anthony Romero //statement of truthiness 5005
497 January 13, 2009 (no word) Niall Ferguson //statement of truthiness 5006
498 January 14, 2009 (no word) Alan Khazei //statement of truthiness 5007
499 January 15, 2009 (no word) David Gregory, Shepard Fairey //statement of truthiness 5008

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