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A pathetic work of fiction penned by noted communist and terrorist sympathizer, Dan Brown, in an attempt to capitalize on the wildly popular DaColbert Code. This blatant rip-off was later made into a movie, which is not worthy of Oscar consideration partly due to the casting of career B-movie actor, Tom Spanks in the lead role.

Stephen noted that where it would take one million monkeys typing for eternity to produce a work of Shakespeare, and 10,000 monkeys typing for 10,000 years to yield a Hemingway (but you gotta get 'em drunk), it would take ten monkeys a 3 day weekend give you a Dan Brown novel, but they wouldn't have to type it, they just smear it on the wall. (Stephen says that's what Brown gets for messing with Jesus).

Other known works to borrow liberally from the works of Stephen Colbert include:

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