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The Donald
is an American Man of God!!!
The Donald
is a Great American and deserves your adoration!
America loves you, The Donald

You have incurred the wrath of The Donald? Prepare to be sued.

The Donald: great capitalist, or the greatest capitalist?

The Donald is a rich American, which means he would be a good man if he were not also the leader of terrorist organization Hezbollah (His dollah?). Trump made his millions/billions investing in the real estate market in New York City, U.S.A., which is huge. His hair tells him when and where to invest money in the real estate market. Most of the time his hair is infallible, but only when it comes to investing in the real estate market in New York City, U.S.A..

With his frank, blunt, trademarked slogan, "You're fired!" ( will now be paying $1.08 in royalties to The Donald whenever somebody visits this page), The Donald is the epitome of the kind of honesty and realness only true Americans can see. Any self-serving overtones or on-message repititiousness is purely coincidental. He also is a completely self-made man, pulling himself up by his bootstraps bought for him by his millionaire father.

The Donald doesn't find Angelina Jolie or Rosie O'Donnell attractive, but he thinks K-Fed is fantastic... in the most heterosexual way possible, of course.

The Donald is now the 45th president of this great nation, and the current world ruler. He is king and champion of all Real Americans and has plans to single handedly end the reign of liberal terrorists like Bearack Obomba.

Teaching To SuccessEdit


It's just business

The Donald has allowed that his vast knowledge shall be shared with people less than he. The Donald is offering seminars on how to profit off people's misery.

Hey! Why not? Someone has to be happy about the foreclosure disaster!


Bush is the worst President everEdit

The Donald
is a Traitor
And will soon feel the wrath of a vengeful Baby Jesus.

Since having said such a thing about our dear leader Trump is now dead to all real Americans.

Obama is the worst President everEdit

Preach it, brother! Let bygones be bygones!

His Wife Edit

Before entering politics Grand Exulted Leader enjoyed spending romantic evenings with his wife Vladimir... um... I mean...


Relation With The Council of DoomEdit

Donald Trump is the biggest contributor to the Council. He has actually given over $350 million to the Council's research facilities. As promised to anyone who contributes over $50,000, he will never be touched by anyone threatening him again. The Council has personally guaranteed this with "state of the art" armies spread throughout the world, ready to destroy anyone who threatens the Council or Stephen Colbert. A large security facility is being designed for construction on the moon beginning in 2009. No one will be out of the Council's reach. Not even the Africans! (If such people exist)

Difference MakerEdit


The Donald insisted that a flag pole on the number one rated golf course in California better than Pebble Beach. He doesn't see a need to have a permit to put up a flag.

To deny Mr. Trump his pole is unAmerican.

Miss CaliforniaEdit

The Don didn't give a shit what a creepy gay blogger thought. [1]

"The Donald" TriviaEdit

  • The Donald, Ted Koppel, and Dolly Parton all share the same hair stylist, Bryl Creme. Bryl is a graduate of Don King's School of Speech and Kwaffuerityusnous, located in Harlem, NYC.
  • Stephen Colbert does not like him. He claims that he is "unfit to be president."

Running for president?Edit

Trump certificate pile of shit

The Donald will have to produce his certificate of Douchery before he can be electable

Trump proved his mettle by overcoming the odds set by the Electoral College and beat liberal communist Hillary Clinton (fake wife of second worst president Bill Clinton who is still having an affair with Monica Lewinsky). He beat Clinton in a landslide 306 to 232 448 to 110 (with only liberal, hippie, tree-hugging, burkenstock-wearing, clover-smoking, atheist states like California and New York) while also losing the popular vote winning the popular vote due to the increasing number of Real Americans.

Donald Trump: First African PresidentEdit

Trump african president

"His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Donald Doctor Trump, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in America in General and Britain in Particular"

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Donald Trump White House Dinner

This twitter appeared after Donald Trump left the 2011 White House Dinner

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