God Touching Adam
"The History Channel"
you have been touched in a very special way.
Croatia pope
To achieve the proper education,
"The History Channel"
provides All The History You Need To Know.

Where The Past Comes Alive and scares the bejesus out of you.

The Hitler Channel is a channel Americans watch to get their history lessons. A World War II or an Adolf Hitler Documentary is always on constantly reminding us about how evil and cruel humanity can be. Every now and then you may see some nerd talking about the Roman or British Empire. You'll find something good on if you love war I could assure you. War World II was the great prehaps greatest ratings generation, let history decide as our Greatest President Ever, George W. Bush tell us. Also, recently the basic History channel has stopped showing infinate shows about the Nazis. The new programing just plane sucks.

Lessons American Has Learned From The History ChannelEdit


I have my own channel. Can you say that, George Washington or Abraham Lincoln?

  • Teaches That People can be just God Awful
  • Teaches That there are millions of little suckers on this planet
  • Teaches that History can be edited just like on Wikiality
  • Teaches that Americans are and always will be the center of the universe

Riding The Good Doctor's Coattails?Edit

The History Channel has started airing a series called "The States" claiming it will show you America's states like you've never seen them before...

Oh, really.

Sounds like Rahm Emanuel is on The History Channel's board of directors.

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