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The Mention
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"The Mention"
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The Mention

Stephen as Popeye, to fool the censors

On October 18th 2006, Stephen Colbert on his heavily acclaimed news show, The Colbert Report mentioned And it was good.

Dr.Colbert was forced to use very sneaky and covert tactics to get the mention out over the liberal airwaves. He made reference to his Calling it on the growth of the Elephants in the past three months, and then told all those nay-sayers to look it up. Then Dr.Colbert brilliantly distracted liberals everywhere with a dead-on Popeye impression (liberals can't resist cartoons) and discreetly pointed to the bottom of the screen, where the url for this internets tube sat there, for all those who believe in truthiness to visit and learn.

Unfortunately, some of those factinistas saw past Dr.Colbert's brilliant distraction, and the site was plagued with an invasion of facts.

Fortunately, from the ashes of that battle rose new members with new content, all here, to spread the word of the truthy.


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