The Ministry of Truthiness
is a Member of the
NAMBLA Family of Associations
Since 1222

The Ministry of Truthiness is an organisation set up by The Bush Administration (with help from Stephen Colbert) to finally separate the truth from the facts. It is currently working on projects to make war easier, protests harder and brussel sprouts tastier.


The Ministry of Truthiness, also known as Minitrue, Truthistry, Mitruistry, Mtirniustry, or NAMBLA, was found by Stephen Colbert when he stumbled across the truth, which was buried in a sea of facts. He presented this truth to George W. Bush who promptly gave Colbert government backing in the making of The Ministry of Truthiness. Since then, The Ministry of Truthiness has made life better for all. It has armed Iraq, disarmed Iraq, but has given up hope on a project to make Scientology the common religion. In a press conference, they said "it would have been more profitable for all of us. It would have taken in more money, and made people more willing to accept the truth, but we just couldn't get anyone to believe in it."

Ministry of Truthiness Lil' League

The Ministry of Truthiness Lil' League is a large group of children that work for The Ministry of Truthiness. Their major current project is an attempt to bring Santa into reality. Not the liberal biased reality but the conservative reality.


On the 11th of September, in 2001, a group of communists, lead by bears, attempted to give equal money and tuna to those who clearly didn't deserve it. Failing this, they decided (using the combined thinking power of communism and bearism) to bring equal death to all. The bears managed to board 747 aircraft, disguised as Democrats, and then used their claws to threaten stewardesses. They eventually managed to crash several planes into The Ministry of Truthiness, thus destroying it.

The Ministry of Truthiness, however, firmly believe this never happened, and, as such, their headquarters is still intact.

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