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The NATO is one of America's Frenemies.
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The NATO is an alliance of states that used to be helpful to us, but now it sometimes feels a little like it's smothering America. No, America is not saying it wants to break up with the NATO. It's just that, well, America has a lot on its mind right now. And sometimes, it would just be nice if the NATO would just go along with what America said without having to be so damned fresh about every last little thing

The rest of NATO allows the US to toss itself off with its own self importance, as its muh easier than having to clean up afterwards because of the tears tantrums and friendly fire.

Who Is The NATO?

(members listed in alphabetical order)

What Does The NATO Do?

NATO, represents the combined forces of the north atlantic treaty organisation, an stands in readiness in an ongoing military pact to defend any of its members from military agression that it encounters, except the US which has just been gaging for a good slap for bloody ages.

History of The NATO


After The UN was created in 1942, to replace League of Nations.

The Cold War

After The Wall, Pt. 1: The Good Days

After The Wall, Pt. 2: The Not-So-Bad Days

The NATO Since Nine-Eleven

NATO has spent the last (eternity it seems), trying to stop the GOUSoA, from just launching unilateral atacks on anyone with different coloured sock from Ronald McRegan, and on the most part has failed to do so, as the young pup, just wades in and has a pop anyway, leaving everyone else having to express remorse at the needless deaths that ensue, and amerikans wave their flag, to send in more - see also Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Q8, Afghanistan (to date minor cock ups excluded).

Why Isn't The NATO Supporting Our Troops?

It is, but we are too cking stoopid to realise.

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