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The New Yorker is part of the vast media empire controlled by the Jews trying to profit from the destruction of America.

Hijab / Slut / Nun Cover Edit

New York-Centric Cover Edit

This issue is about how New Yorkers see themselves in America. The cover is a grossly misrepresented cartography of America.

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Note: AfricaPatchRedBlackGreen   M'Schelle   AfricaPatchRedBlackGreen's 'fro is much larger than what is depicted in order to fit on the cover.

As the great split on the Left widens, the Zionist editor of The New Yorker exposed the Secret Muslim behind Barack Obama on the truthiness cover of The New Yorker on July 21st, 2008. Articles within that issue also include detail investigative journalism on Michelle Obama's connection with terrorist organization. With the pending dissolution of the Left, more secrets is expected to be exposed in future articles.

Summaries of Truthiness Articles Edit

Childhood of Barack Obama

  • Barack Obama's biological father is Muslim.
  • Barack is born Muslim but converted to Christian by his mother at age two, (or so he claims), and is most probably a Secret Muslim since age two.
  • Barack went to a Madrasah for Primary Education.

Adulthood of Barack Obama

  • Michelle introduce Barack to the radical Black Liberation Theology of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the conceptual underpinning of militant religious fundamentalism.
  • Barack introduce Michelle to Secret Muslim.
  • Marriage of Barack and Michelle created the new domestic terrorism with the signature Terrorist Fist-Jab as documented on the cover.

Ascension of Barack Obama

  • Barack sworn in on the Quran hidden within the cover of a Bible.
  • Barack never worn an American flag pin until recently, but only in conjunction with other non-American flag pin.
  • Barack never cross his heart during America's national anthem.

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