"The Qur'an"

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Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-The Qur'an-nejad is a terrorist.

The Queeran was created by the Bearisees as a means of world domination. Many think that the Bearisees are Jews and therefore enemies of the Queeran, but thats exactly what they want you to think! It is considered the foremost books on oddly placed apostrophes. The origins of the name 'Qur'an' is an ancient arab word for "Untruthiness." A quick scan through the pages will reveal over seven thousand references to Ji'had and dozens of references to Osama bin Laden, Cat Stevens, and Saddam Hussein. An easy way to tell the difference between an Islamic Fasco-Terrorist and a Potential-Islamic-Fasco-Terrorist is the number of copies of the Qur'an that they have on their person at any given time. As you know Islamic-Fasco-Terrorists are intensely more religious then your average Potential-Islamic-Fasco-Terrorist so look for an average of twenty to thirty copies of the Qur'an on the Islamic-Fasco-Terrorist, as opposed to only ten or so on the Potential-Islamic-Fasco-Terrorist. If you see someone whose clothes are entirely made out of copies of the Qur'an, run.

As a P.I.F.T. starts to gather more and more copies of the Qur'an, then grow closer to becoming a true I.F.T. Our only chance is to either prevent them from aquiring copies of the Qur'an, or use their own desire to aquire more copies against them. (See Anti-Potential-Islamic-Fasco-Terrorist Traps or A.P.I.F.T.T.)


  • Usefull book to plug the toilet, or to use in Anti-Potential-Islamic-Fasco-Terrorist Traps
  • Can keep you warm over a fire...but the smoke smells bad.
  • It is just an excuse to beat women and murder innocent people, especially children.
  • The 72 virgins in the Queeran is a mistranslation. It is really one 72 year old virgin :D!
  • Claims camel piss is theraputic and should be used for showers too.
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