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The Sopranos
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The Sopranos

The Sopranos is an Italian american TV Drama on HBO. It is about a crime family in North New Jersey headed by Tony Soprano. The show has become an icon of original television series as it has been nominated for over 56 Emmies®_©, 55 of which were for providing the basic context for insecure, beta-males to fantasize about themselves as powerful, confident men who are somehow always dressed in perfectly-fitting suits, the colors of which ideally match each man's individual complexion. [1]


  • Stephen Colbert can't afford HBO, and missed the last season. He would like to know more about what happens!
  • Tony doesn't die.
  • Tony doesn't go to jail, either.
  • In fact, Tony rises to become Stephen's running mate.
  • Colbert/Soprano sweep the New Jersey primary.
  • Simultaneously, there is an increase of 327% of unsolved murder cases.
  • It is anybody's guess as to how big Tony's penis really is when erect; he sure fucks a lot of chicks though.
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