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The Statue of Liberty
is one of the ways God Blessed America.
The Statue of Liberty
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Statue of liberty

Jesus's Mommy, Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty2

The view of Lady Liberty, from Las Vegas Harbor

A statue of the Virgin Mary which resides in New York. Americans made the French build it for them to celebrate the The Baby Jesus's mommy. The statue celebrates the Virgin Mary, who gave birth to Jesus and founded the glorious country of America. In her hand is a Bible, and in the other is a torch she used to burn liberal infidels, bears, and non-believers. The thing on her head was originally supposed to be a Ten Gallon Hat, but the French are stupid, and gave her a spiky headband thing.


This is what Lady Liberty would look like if those japs would have won the war… thank God!

John Benefiel The Statue of Liberty Is a "Demonic Idol"

John Benefiel The Statue of Liberty Is a "Demonic Idol"

This un-american traitor terrorist wants to destroy our freedoms!
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