The Stephen Colbert Experience
is just one of the many gifts the Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.
has bestowed upon all of humankind. Thank you Dr. Colbert, thank you.

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If you are not a Real American™, pack your bags and report to GITMO.
Baby Jesus
The Stephen Colbert Experience
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
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The Stephen Colbert Experience is merely a reflection of the world inside Stephen Colbert's gut because the whole of America, American Society and America's Planet exists just as Stephen Colbert says it does.

Stephen Colbert's gut is an empire unto itself and thus creates its own reality, which we can all enjoy and must be thankful for.

It has become imperative that every American be thankful that Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. has clarified our country and what we stand for Since 9/11.


Truthyisms are statements chock full of truthiness. To the untrained eye, truthiness may appear to be random, but it's not. Truthiness is a concept that is American and does not change.[1] For the latest version of truthiness, or how truthiness manifests itself through the latest events, please see "The Colbert Report" Mondays through Thursdays 11:30 p.m. EST and PST, 10:30 p.m. CST. Unfortunately, it is only on one cable network, so check your local listings for the correct television tube (some real Americans have also claimed that now even Canadains can get it 1 hour later).

Watch it like you would go to church: religiously. provides this internets tube as a public service to the Heroes[2]. The truthyisms listed on this page contain the highest levels of truthiness and are guidelines for everything contained in this wiki. Follow them as you would follow Our Glorious Stephen.

Biblical TruthyismsEdit

There are some things that are true because they were written in the Bible and the Bible is infallible, because it says it is.

Colbert TruthyismsEdit

Stephen is knowledgeable on almost every given subject[3], because...

  • he has his own show
  • he says he is, on his own TV show
  • he supports The Greatest President--EVER!!!
  • he uses his gut to feel his opinion, instead of using his head to read or think
  • He is Stephen, thou shalt have no other hosts before him

American TruthyismsEdit

  • America is the best at everything good
  • everything having to do with America makes The Baby Jesus Happy
  • America is not liberal
  • America is constantly under attack from un-American forces
  • America must be protected by all-American Americans
  • only the Republican Party and/or Jesus can help/save America

Truthyisms About AmericansEdit

Truthyisms About un-American ThingsEdit

  • Anything that is not American is terroristic in nature
  • liberals are not American
  • everything related to liberals contains gayness
  • most liberals deny their gayness, unless they are gay
    • if a gay does not stay in the closet, their gayness is contagious
  • celebrity gays must declare their gayness
    • if a celebrity does not declare their ungayness, Stephen can conclude that they are gay
  • unAmericans hate everything good about America, which is everything
  • unAmericans want to destroy everything about America
  • unAmericans give aid and comfort to America's enemies
    • unAmericans make movies that destroy America
  • everything against America makes The Baby Jesus sad and makes The Baby Satan pee his pants in glee


  1. Only after the market has spoken can a truthyism be altered, but not until then.
  2. Stephen provides the truthiness; provides just the tube.
  3. Almost every subject because Stephen does not know anything about what it's like to be a woman or a gay.
    Or poor.
    Or not white.


This page, The Stephen Colbert Experience, discusses an official policy of We treat it like we would treat a decree from Our Glorious Stephen himself. Because it is so rich in gut-issued, truth-filled wikiality, this policy on The Stephen Colbert Experience has wide acceptance among members of and is considered a standard that all users should follow. By following these standards, we are working to create a reality where each user's truthiness reflects the truthiness of Stephen.