The Tek Jansen Alpha Squad 7 Theme Song
is an essential component of
The Tek Jansen Universe

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You don't have to be
high on painkillers
to boogie down to The Tek Jansen Alpha Squad 7 Theme Song.
Tek jansen 150

Tek Jansen, killer of aliens, lover of aliens.

As good as the animated series is, it needed a theme song, and it got a great one. Possibly the greatest. Today, it is often sung by gangs of roving, drunken youths at the top of their lungs.


The Tek Jansen Alpha Squad 7 Theme Song

Tek Jansen
Alpha Squad 7
Facing the future of courage
Killing the aliens
Loving the aliens
Sometimes loving then killing the aliens
Tek Jansen
Wearer of starsuits
Surfing the comet of danger
Foiling his enemy Thermond Chang
And those affiliated with the Thermond Chang Gang
...Tek, tell me your space dreams
Put down your bioplasma disruptor pistol
And love me through the night...
Tek Jansen
Galaxy hero
Super-awesome spectacular ultra-spy
Scourge of the Pistol-Lords
Friend of the Jurabees
Neutral to the Slibs
Tek Jansen
...and Porpy
His zany buddy
Getting in trouble
Acting all nutty
Guaranteed to give you a smile.
Porpy and his friend...
Tek Jansen
Hunter of quasars
His exciting exploits would sell millions of books
It is the future
You are our hero
...I am Tek Jansen...
Tek Yeaaaaahhhh.

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