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To reiterate, tigers make unsuitable pets (especially in households with small children).

Tigers are giant house cats (not to be confused with the Elitist Tiger Woods) who are closely related to land lions. However, unlike house cats, tigers make unsuitable pets because they require too much food, and are difficult to "handle"

Tigers were recently voted as the "World's Favorite Animal". Due to its equalled level of fondness throughout the World, the Tiger can now be considered the "America" of the Animal Kingdom.


Obama tigger dhs seal

Tigers are one of the few animals protecting America against the Bears

Most tigers prefer to live in zoos. This way they can lay around all day long in the sun and have food brought to them without exerting energy. Lesser, unfortunate tigers are stuck in the wet, humid jungles of India (imagine how knappy their fur must get).



The most noticeable characteristic of a tiger is his stripes. Tigers have lots of stripes. But they're so much more than that. we should all take note of what tigers have ever done and will do for us each and everyday.

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Tigers can swim! (!!!!)

800px-Hunting tiger

This hungry tiger is patiently waiting for the photographer to take one step closer...


Tigers regularly catch and eat Elephants, Rhinoceros, Giraffes, Manatees, and zebras, certain breakfast cereals, and an occasional human being.


Some may say that the tiger is an endangered species. How en-"dangered" can a tiger be? What other animal could be dangerous to an 8-foot long striped beast weighing 700 pounds, and possessing 9 inch long fangs? (OK, possibly a bear). With these tool, tigers are well capable of taking care of themselves without the help of humans.

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