Tim Donnelly
has been recognized as a
Difference Maker by The Colbert Report.
America salutes you, Tim Donnelly!

Despite what you may have heard
Tim Donnelly
Is totally not racist!


Tim, unaware of the irony of his U.S. Open hat.

Tim Donnelly is the leader of The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of California.

Tim was profiled as part of Stephen Colbert's Difference Makers segment of The Colbert Report on May 18, 2006.

Donnelly and a group of volunteers have constructed approximately 400 yards of fence along our 2500 mile border to keep the illegals out of the USA.

When asked what the Founding Fathers might think of his efforts, Donnelly offered this historically accurate quote:

Flag quote open clear2
Rock and roll.
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~ Tim Donnelly

UPDATE June 21, 2007Edit


Since the story first aired, the fence Tim and his crew of great Americans built has stopped three plastic bags from illegally blowing in to our country. God bless America.

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