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Tim Griffin
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Tim Griffin is a great guy, everyone who knows him wants to have a drink with him. Women want to marry him and have his babies. Men want to be him or mentor him or hire him to work for them. He has some very good friends, including pals like Sara Taylor and Monica Goodling, who are always looking out for him.

Tim went to school to be a lawyer.

And wouldn't you know it? Tim got a job working for The Greatest Administration Ever, but because everyone loves him so much, he had to quit his job so that he could spend more time with his family.

Everyone is gonna miss you at work, Tim! But it's all for the best anyway! See ya at the bar!

Cage MatchEdit

Tim might be in some trouble for a little prank he played while he was serving as the Interim U.S. Attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas. Seems the folks down in Florida didn't appreciate the old "caging" games Tim set up for them quite as much as he'd expected. Don't know why they gotta make a Federal case out of it, though. Sheesh.

Probably Bud Cummins' fault. That guy is no fun at all.

Tim's New JobEdit

Tim was not forgotten when he left Washington to spend more time with his family. Someone from Straight-talker John W. McCain's campaign has hired good old Tim to protect the elderly Arizona senator from gangstas congregating on his lawn. Or maybe Tim just volunteered? (He loves his country that much)

Tim will work hard to uncover all that he can about these threats.

Please check this page regularly to see what Tim is up to.

Despite what you may have heard
Tim Griffin
Is totally not gay!
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