Dr. Noelle Bush wrote a prescription for

There's plenty more where that came from...
is righteous and true
God Bless America
is for the kids!


Kids! Now it comes with strawberry flavor!!


All Children Love Joe Camel!

Tobacco is as healthy as smoking lettuce!!

Tobacco is one of the healthiest plants that you can allow your children to smoke. It was found when the we discovered large numbers of Native Americans using it as a stimulant. After the Indians peacefully left their lands and we upheld every agreement we made with them we began cultivating tobacco and using it.

Tobacco growers shipped the plant overseas where snooty Europeans would use it. It was once reported that tobacco could be harmful but Stephen urges you to beware of the Wigand-ocracy and keep on smoking. Tobacco was also found to be a favorite of Animals such as camels. It has been stated by some that the Joe Camel ads are unlawfully aimed at children, but lets be honest, if your child isn't smoking he isn't cool, and we don't need any more uncool kids.

Tobacco science proves that anti-tobacconists are wrong because it is paid for by tobacco companies, and who cares more about tobacco than the companies who make and sell it?

Tobacco doesn't kill, Jesus kills!


Kids! Want to be young forever? Cigarettes stunts your growth! You can be a kid forever!

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