Tom Vilsack
was a guest of "The Colbert Report"
and got nailed via satellite.
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'Allo Former Guv'nor!
Tom Vilsack
was the governor of Iowa


Iowa's Liar-In-Chief



Tom Vilsack is the central figure in the Iowa State Fairgate controversy, a controversy caused by his claim on the May 25, 2006 Charlie Rose Show that "there's nothing you can't do at the Iowa State Fair."

That is simply not true. Which makes Vilsack a liar. He lies.

This liar is currently the Governor of Iowa, presiding over a population consisting mostly of corn. He has withdrawn his candidacy for President in 2008 and is the current front-runner among candidates who are no longer running for President.

The last Vilsack Attack occurred when he appeared via video as a guest on the February 28, 2007 edition of The Colbert Report as the very first guest in The Report's new series, Profiles in Quitters. Vilsack talked about his failed candidacy, the giant mounds of money no one contributed to him, and how his involvement in Fairgate brought his hopes crashing down to Earth.


Couldn't afford a tie or a Presidential campaign.

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