Tony Campolo
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process
Baby Jesus
The Baby Jesus and The Baby Satan
are fighting over the very soul of
Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo is an activist who calls himself a Christian, and yet sticks up for the gays. It is not clear whether Campolo will be going to hell because he bad-mouths the Church, or to sit at the right-hand of God because he blames the media for it.

His nailing was the deciding factor.

It occurred on February 27, 2006.

February 4, 2008Edit


  • Author of Red Letter Christians (people who believe in the red letters of the BibleJesus quotes)
  • Yelled at Stephen that Jesus said, "LOVE YOUR ENEMIES!!!"
  • Stephen reveals he will be kicking Conan O'Brien's ass for charity
  • Stephen is not worried about Judgement Day
  • Believes gays should be stoned (but not that kind of stoned)
  • Wants justice for gay brothers and lesbian sisters, because God loves the persecuted
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