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Turducken is tastier than catducken. In its basic form it is a boneless turkey, stuffed with a boneless duck, stuffed with a boneless chicken. As such, one turducken contains more protein than a typical Ethiopian village will eat in a lifetime.

Factoids Edit

  • Turducken was invented by John Madden while traveling cross-country in his custom tour bus en route to a football game.
  • When turducken explodes, it goes "KERFUCKEN!"
  • The first naturally occuring turducken was born after a duck got drunk and went home with a genetically spliced turkey-chicken, whom it never called again, despite the turkey-chicken's attempts to contact the duck.
  • In early 2002 a team of scientists from a somewhere that is not America announced they had succeeded in creating the next step in the Turducken family tree. Titled "Pteroturduckendactyl" they would have you believe that a Pterodactyl was stuffed with a turkey, then a duck, then a chicken. This can not be true since Pterodactyls never existed but the phrase "Pteroturduckendactyl" is cool enough to make up for this.

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