Un-American News
is a featured segment of
the Greatest American Television Show--EVER!!!, The Colbert Report.

Un-American News is an occasional segment of The Colbert Report in which Stephen provides in-depth coverage of news from around the world in the space of 10-15 seconds.

January 10, 2008Edit


  • U.S. Primaries
    • El Mundo
      • Los HIspanos 'invisibiles' De Iowa
        • Talcom Powder Border Fence
    • Al Hiram (sp)
      • Arabic Crossword puzzle
        • 6 across statement of ultimate truth, 43 letters
          • There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet
        • 17 down is Punky Brewster
      • editorial
        • Whoever Wins Death to Israel
    • Al Hayat (sp)
      • guest editorial
        • written by Aqua Teen Hunger Force

June 11, 2008Edit


U.S. Election Edition

  • Obama may mean horoscope in eight different languages
  • Castro supported Obama in Granma, a Cuban periodical that offers hard butterscotch candies
  • Obama wears Death To America Pin
  • the German's call the White House under Barack as "Uncle Barack's Cabin"
    • German's should not do comedy
  • Japanese assemble their graphics at the local Kinko's
  • closed by playing the national anthems of all the countries he mentioned all at once

October 6, 2008Edit


  • Financial Edition
  • Russia
    • Prime Minister Vlad Putin
      • Secret Russian President
  • German Finance Minister
    • Steinbruck ( does the u in his name have an umlatt, or his tiny balls)

  • America is like Paul McCartney
  • we did such a great job in our earlier work that we can be forgiven for all the later crap we make now
  • France said laissez faire
    • French gay women's street festival
  • Hugo Chavez
  • compared America's financial crisis to an elephant sinking in a pool
  1. a monkey in a bathtub
  2. an elephant sinking in a pool
  3. giraffe sleeping in a jacuzzi
  4. gazelle standing in a bucket of water changing a light bulb
  • Brazil's Da Silva
    • compared America's economy to a casino

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