United States Democratic Party
is an American Political Party.
Al Franken
United States Democratic Party has earned

Obama eeyore

Fittingly, the mascot of the Democratic Party is the jackass.

This page provides a description of the filthy collective actions of the Democrat Party. For a description of filthy Democrats as individuals, see Democrats.

DNC Propaganda: Comrade, Join the Soviet Union The Democratic Party. The Ladies love a hippie-commie un-american traitor!!

Republicans have done extensive studies on words that do not poll well for them, and democratic is one of them.

The "United States Democratic Party" is the official name of the American political party represented by a donkey. Their main goal is to kill all that America stands for (unilateral war, oil, explotation and greed.) Its symbol is a grizzly bear. These people are like Communists, aside from that they don't want to share all money, and don't have a cute cat for a symbol. Their leader, who got elected President, is Bill Clinton he is hated by everyone and is a vote loser, unlike George W. Bush.

The Democratic PartyEdit

The Democratic Party is a political party in the United States that is recognized as the preferred party of Satanists and the French. This party was founded by infamous betrayer and Jesus killer Judas Iscariot by order of Satan to combat the divinely inspired Republican Party. The Democrat Party is currently infiltrating America, with help from the Communists and other assorted liberal groups such as the ACLU and activist judges. The Democratic Party supports the slaughter of innocent babies, free healthcare, bears, and terrorism. The Democratic Party is best known for supporting Adolf Hitler, raising taxes, and converting law-abiding citizens to homosexuality. It is only through the work of courageous men, such as Stephen Colbert and our Great President George W. Bush that the democrats can be thwarted and Jesus can rule the earth in peace and harmony for millenia to come. The Headquarters of this party are located in (fitting) Hell, Michigan, where Democrats go once a year to participate in an orgy of evil, communism, and Satanism.

President Bush calls the Democratic Party the "Democrat Party". Nora Ephron, a friend of The Colbert Report, applauds our president for this: omitting the ic saves time that could be spent doing other things. The ick is kind of implied anyway. Eww, Democrats.

Facts About the Democratic PartyEdit

John kerry

2004 Democratic Party Presidential Cantidate John Kerry. Attempting to give the republican Parties Camera the Finger.. but like all democrats, is too stupid to know how.


The REAL Seal of the Democratic Party.

  • The Democrats once attempted to poison Stephen Colbert's water glass, resulting in the death of an intern.
  • Satan was thrown from heaven for being a Democrat.
  • Representative Mark Foley (D-Fl) is a Democrat.
  • All homosexuals are Democrats and vice-versa.
  • The Democrat Party is known to sneak into unlocked houses at night and kidnap children.
  • The Democrats recently sponsored a bill banning the emotion of love unless expressed for terrorists or homoerotically.

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United States Democratic Party
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