United States Republican Party
is an American Political Party.
Despite what you may have heard
United States Republican Party
Is totally not racist!
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United States Republican Party
is a Truthiness Crusader!

Join us, you wont regret it!

The Logo of the Republican Party, a Mammoth an Elephant.

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All Republicans suck, and thats a fact!

Oh and by the way all Democrats are Awesome!

Origins of the Party

The Republican Party was formed in 1776, shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. George Washington, Jesus, Ronald Reagan, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin, quickly realized that if there wasn't a Republican Party, the Democrats could take power, and formed the party.

Other notable members include Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Papa Bear, and Ned Lamont, although the latter will not accept it, believing he is helping the Democratic Party.

Friends of the Republican Party

Capitalist Jesus ran for the Roman GOP Senate and it led to its downfall things have been better than ever

Liz Trotta, telling it like it is!

The following are friends of the Republican party, or at least allies of.

FU liberals!

  • Glenn Beck
  • Archie Bunker
  • The NRA
  • Grove City College
  • Rudolf Hess
  • Nathaniel Bedford Forrest
  • David Duke
  • Charles Lindburgh
  • Jim Quinn
  • Oil
  • Rich people
  • United Methodist Church
  • Catholic Church
  • Other Christian Churches
  • Halliburton
  • Team America World Police
  • Master Chief
  • Former members of the Covenant
    • The Arbiter
    • Elites
  • PKG
  • The Jedi Order
  • David Wilmont, founder of the party
  • Sasquatch (would presumably attack trespassing hippies, despite sharing a smell)
  • Count Dracula (ran for president in 1877 and 1885)
  • the New California Republic
  • Mr. House
  • the legion of everblight
  • cygnar
  • emporer doviculus

Enemies of the Republican Party

Republicans support Pro-Raep businesses

The following are enemies of the Republican Party. If you encounter anyone or anything on this list, you should make all attempts to thwart them/it.

People Who Hate the Republican Party and America

Myths About the Party

  • It's a common myth that the official color of the Republican Party is red. The Republican Party is Red, White, and Blue. Red is a commie color -- which is why the Democrats are supporting changing themselves to red.
  • There is a common misconception that The Republican Party has something to do with Plato's gay liberal manifesto The Republic. This is a falsehood, the American word Republican derives from the English expression "Reputable American".
  • Liburals have been promoting this horrible lie that Republicans are racists that are trying to resurrect the South's Uprising! For shame liburals! On other news, the Republican Annual Convention has been declared a success!

The 2008 Presidential Technicality

The years of The Greatest Administration Ever will be remembered by the right historians, not activist historians as "the Good Old days™" when all was right with the world.

It would be a crime if America allowed a secret muslim to interrupt such a great winning streak!

America's rallying cry! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

As such, every member of the Republican Party are setting aside all previous rivalries and doing what it takes to win one for the team!

2008 Platform

"We do not support government bailouts of private institutions."

The New GOP: WAZ UP, YO!

The New GOP has started a new tube to his homies! It is more hip, more daring, and more convervatiz than ever dog!

Goals for 2009 2010

  • Encourage more diversity and less racism "Americanism" and Patriotism in the New GOP
Vaughn Ward delivering a very inspirational speech!
Just Beautiful!
In Other News: Obama Just Got Caught Stealing from Republicans, Again...
  • GOP close to legalizing Rape and Incest!!!! This is Awesome! does not support rape or incest until it is officially legalized

Emergency News

The 2010 Mandate

Now that the GOP has seized the House and the Senate they have a mandate to rescue America from the tyrannical rule of the mooslim ruler. It is time to stop the out of control spending before it is too late, let the free market save our economy just like last time.

Republican men known what Republican men want
I am shocked!

The GOP is ready for this New America

The 2012 Mandate

Now that 2010 and 2011 has been a successful year for Republicans. Is time to unravel the 2012 mandate once the GOP wins the White House, oops... I meant to say if the republicans win the White House *wink* *wink*.

  • More tax cuts for the rich.
  • No more socialism.
  • Destroy teh geys.
  • More tax cuts for the rich (the rich needs that second tax cut to afford their third mansion).
  • And more tax cuts.
  • Destroy liberal America
  • Create a new Reality

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