I am slowly infiltrating the Democratic Party

I hath arrived, bringer of balls, revealer of truthiness! My mission, to stop the war on heart by the Godless factinistas, in persuit of reality being what my gut tells me!!!

Under the guidance of Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly, I am committed to spreading half-truths, defining my own warped view of reality, and outshouting anyone who disagrees with me! (i.e., any one of those progressive liberals who obviously wrong, and is going to hell for defying the one true lord Jesus Christ!)

About MeEdit

My name is Cory, but "raw manliness" will suffice. My location is a mystery... but if I was up your ass you'd know where I was!

I'd have sex with you if you baked me cookies, but premarital sex is a sin, and I really don't feel like rotting in hell with the rest of you heathens.

Any page edits I make that turn out to be horrific, I just tell people I'm Paul Krugman and never talk about it again.

Articles with Balls and/or Heart:Edit

Portals to TruthEdit

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