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You want to know about me? *sniffs* That makes me feel pretty! (AKA User:Demonseed1, because I'm a dumb ass and forgot my password...duh!) Well in that case, read on....especially if your name is Stephen Colbert.

Well let's see...what to say. I've been a fan of Colbert's sarcastic greatness since before the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. Watching that was the equivalent of "hitting the nail on the head" for me, so I've been watching him ever since.

The Wriststong Bracelets Edit

One for each wrist, baby. That's right. Now my wrists are all-knowing and all-powerful. Don't mess with them.


my left wrist

Th HPIM0243

my right wrist

The Metal Goodness Edit

I like metal music. No joke. How many can I name right now off the top of my head? Do you really want to know? Hmm...

Judas Priest 8

The Metal God, Rob Halford

The bands I can name right now off the top of my head Edit

  1. Judas Priest
  2. Lordi
  3. Slipknot
  4. Opeth
  5. Nine Inch Nails
  6. Marilyn Manson
  7. Black Sabbath
  8. Ozzy Osbourne
  9. Black Label Society
  10. KMFDM
  11. Deftones
  12. Turisas
  13. Disturbed
  14. Dark Funeral
  15. Dying Fetus
  16. Cannibal Corpse
  17. GWAR
  18. Metallica
  19. Slayer
  20. Lamb of God (not a fan, however-think they're kinda lame)
  21. Mushroomhead
  22. Dimmu Borgir
  23. Cradle of Filth
  24. Nightwish
  25. Dissection

...the list goes on. Needless to say, too many to list here.

Pages I've Created or Heavily Contributed to Edit

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