Eagle Of Truthiness, here to help aid Wikiality in the battle against all that is Un-Colbertness! Please, send me comments to my e-mail adress and tell me what you think of my editing here on Wikiality, hopefully one day I can be an editor on here, and be amongst the rank of Gods, along with the great staff that runs the site and the man himself, Stephen Colbert

[About] EagleOfTruthiness - Growing up in one of the highest crime rated cities in all of New York, EagleOfTruthiness has had it rough. He ceartinly didn't live a lavished lifestyle, and had to get to where he is the hard way. Where is he you might ask? Well, that's only for the great Stephen Colbert to know, the center of all influence, the mighty sphere of truthiness that sits perched atop America much like the Sun is positioned in the Center of our Galaxy, providing life and enlightment for all. EagleOfTruthiness is said to be an avid watcher of The Colbert Report, a mandatory show on Comedy Central for all life sources, and an admirer of Stephen Colbert.

Location:. - In the great state of New York, upper Rochester/MonroeCounty/WayneCounty area.

Date Of Birth - January 30th, year un-disclosed.

Place Of Birth - Genesee Hospital, Monroe County, Rochester New York.


- Spreading truthiness, bear hunting, watching The Colbert Report, disputing Liberal claims and all those who support them.

(***Most Important) Goals

- I consider to be mine, and every American's duty as well to get 6000 articles for the man, the master of all he sees, Stephen Colbert.

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